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Pirate Business

Always on the lookout for the weird and wonderful, today brings News from FT Alphaville who have spotted an obscure section of a UN publication which describes the business model used by Somali Pirates :

Piracy business model

The typical piracy ‘business model’ has evolved since the Monitoring Group’s December 2008 report (S/2008/769). The […]


US vs China about to get ugly?

From Zero Hedge, an interesting article on the possibility (or likely probability in Zero Hedges view) that the US will name China a “currency manipulator” which will then lead to votes on trade sanctions :

On April 15 the Treasury will issue its report on International Economic and Exchange Rate Policies. Following a massive […]


Kevin ‘bloody’ Wilson

I spotted the video below on Al Jahom’s Final Word today and (apart from the obvious not work safe content) its a bloody funny song.

If you like that one check out his other classics on youtube, especially “Don’t touch your sister” which is one of the funniest songs I have heard in some […]


Millionth English Word will be Penis Euphemism

Apologies for yet another Daily Mash post but the following was too good to ignore :

The Institute has tracked the origin of ‘meatsock’ to an internet discussion on Gordon Brown, where ‘StevieB1827’ wrote: “Anyone who trusts that boss-eyed fraud can suck my meatsock while my pair of sweaty judelaws bang rhythmically off their […]


Yet more paedomania.

News from the Telegraph that researchers are investigating techniques to identify paedophiles from their typing style :

Researchers believe technology could be used to determine a computer typist’s age, sex and culture within 10 keystrokes by monitoring their speed and rhythm.

Former Northumbria Police detective chief inspector Phil Butler believes the technology could be […]


Utah – porn capital of the United States.

Half the fun with online news and blogs is reading the comments which are often a mixture of amusing, deluded or just downright weird. In the amusing category today is a comment from an article in The Salt Lake Tribune about an anti-pornography conference.

First some snippets from the article (emphasis mine) :

About […]


More Mash Goodness.

Well, it is Friday so time for a little Daily Mash.

I can’t quite decide which of the following is the most amusing so I will tag them both here – do go and read the full articles!

First we have Ed Balls complaining about the children’s commissioner making decisions based on her experience […]


And you thought Greece had debt problems.

From FT Alphaville today we have the following snippet :

Next quarter, the US Treasury must refinance $1.14 trillion in maturing debt + interest payments and another $630bln during the following three months.

That’s an eyewatering amount of money and, putting it in context, equates to roughly the whole of the UKs current national […]


Safety Films German Style

A rather graphic safety film on the potential dangers of driving a forklift truck. It is in German but there is no need to understand the language – you will certainly get the message. Makes a refreshing, if somewhat gory, change from the UK style public information films and I am sure the messages […]


A tale of two numbers.

Two numbers to have a think about :

223,000,000,000 23,100,000,000

The first number is the amount in dollars that the USA has added to national debt in the last three weeks – yes, thats three weeks – zero hedge has the story of the fast approaching (once again) US debt ceiling.

The second number […]


Headline writing - think before touching a key.

A BBC article caught my attention with the following headline :

Woman ‘force-fed babies vomit’ at Bromley nursery

Whilst the article itself is a rather grim description of a child carers cruel and unusual methods, I don’t think the headline quite comes across as the writer intended (give or take an apostrophe of course).



Masking the decline.

News in the Telegraph today on the growth in government spending in the UK :

Official figures before the Budget on Wednesday disclose that public spending makes up 52 per cent of the gross domestic product.

When Labour came to power in 1997, the state’s share was 40 per cent. However, it has risen […]


Chinese puzzles.

Over at Zero Hedge today there is an interesting article on the Chinese economy which may possibly the prelude to some larger changes across the world :

Say goodbye to China’s “export economy” paradigm. In a stunning development for trade hawks, and pretty much anyone who follows the biggest liquidity bubble in history, China […]


Public Spending - Avoiding the Cuts?

With all the discussion in the media on possible future public spending cuts, especially in view of the forthcoming general election, I found the information that arrived this week with my new council tax bill rather interesting.

Whilst the local council tax increase for 2010-11 was 1.4%, both the Police and Fire Authorities increased […]


Trolls – an antidote to a long day.

Somewhat bereft of ideas after a long day, where else is there to go for a little amusement other than The Daily Mash?

An article I discovered today has a new government initiative aimed at making smokers wear their lungs on their head to demonstrate the evils of smoking. Aside from the fact that […]

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