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Ireland folds – next stop Portugal

Via RTE, Ireland has agreed to be bailed out after a week of will they, won’t they speculation :

Taoiseach Brian Cowen, has confirmed that a major financial assistance plan for Ireland has been agreed with the EU.

Government statement on application

Mr Cowen said the financial assistance plan has been agreed with the […]


Poland joins the EU no smoking league.

Another day and another country bends over and takes the EU health regulations concerning smoking in public places :

From today, Poland joins the growing list of countries where smoking is banned in restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars.

Under the new rules, restaurant owners may allocate a separate room for smokers though it must […]


Eskimo Ice-cream – No thanks

Seen amongst a list of 50 of the highest fat content dishes that America has to offer is this somewhat nauseating concoction :

Eskimo ice cream Ingredients: Reindeer fat, seal oil, salmonberries, blackberrie

Sounds foul but doesn’t look too bad :

Most likely one of the kind of dishes that you would try […]


Pictorial Interlude – Soyuz Module Landing

A nice set of photos here of a returning Soyuz descent module landing in Kazakhstan – I have picked a few choice ones below.

The landing looks a bit harsh – the source site states that “the dust below is from retro rockets fired just before landing to soften impact, and not from the […]


Straight talking in the House of Lords

Spotted in a rather convoluted chain ending at The Register, the Hansard extract below is a rather refreshing change from the usual government gobshite obfuscation.

Apologies for the rather lengthy extract but it is needed for context and I like his style – if you can’t be bothered to read for a minute or […]


More alcohol pricing bollocks and a new angle for the righteous to try.

Another day dawns and another Doctor takes time off from what he is paid to do to lecture us all on our choice of lifestyle.

From the Torygraph (emphasis mine) :

Raise VAT on alcohol but not in pubs: doctor Tax on alcohol sold in supermarkets should be increased, while it should be reduced […]


Kids fight, kids throw stuff, innocent pedestrian dies.

A rather strange case from Pravda (the Russian one, not the BBC) concerning fighting kids and a dead passer-by.

Probably fairly standard fayre these days unfortunately, but in this case not only have the police arrested the kids involved (probably something to do with them being from Russia – police here are too busy […]


Musical Interlude – Folk Edition

Whilst trawling YouTube (more on why later), I came across this rendition of a seventeenth century folk song which gives a idea of what Winter evenings in those times would probably consist of – a roaring fire, song and, probably, beer, beer and more beer (ok the latter is my idea of these things […]


Applying for an airport passenger screening job.

Following on from yesterdays post about forced fondling of airport passengers who refuse the body scanner, we now have this wonderful spoof phonecall from a porn addict to the advice line for people wanting to work in the airport security.

The lady on the other end of the call sounds more and more robotic […]


Airtravel in the USA – subject to a full body X-Ray or get your bits felt.

The following article suggests to me that the US are trying a new line in getting people to accept a full body X-Ray by subjecting them to a thorough groping if they decline (emphasis mine) :

Travellers at US airports who refuse to be screened via new full body scanners must undergo an extensive […]


Germany increases domestic security amid Euro fears.

An article at ZeroHedge caught my eye for a couple of reasons.

Partly for this little snippet – something is afoot in the terror stakes it would seem :

Germany is increasing security throughout the country, particularly in airports and train stations, on the basis of “concrete indications of a series of attacks planned […]


Amusing Headlines – Irish Edition

Spotted over at FTAlphaville, the following from The Irish Daily Star has a sub-headline you don’t see very often in print – “wanker-banker” indeed!

And no, I’m not fecking surprised either really.



Government database sharing – why does that sound familiar?

Being a somewhat suspicious type, cogs started whirring earlier today when I saw the news that the lesser, yellow part part of the humunculus leader our current coalition masters was proposing database sharing by local councils to verify local voter registration records as part of the political reform proposals being considered.

The BBC has […]


Happiness Index – a Licence to hector and nanny more like!

I spotted this one in the papers this morning and it’s also on the BBC News website now (emphasis mine) :

The government will attempt to measure the happiness of UK citizens, it is expected to announce later this month.

The Office for National Statistics is to devise questions for a household survey, […]


US Museum of Sex

Idly browsing on a slow evening led me from a Pravda article on the Museum of Sex to this rather strange exhibit from the site itself :

Quite the proud inventor it seems.

The following is the inventors quote from the site :

My wife looks at my machine and she thinks it […]

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