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A confusion of sceptics.

I’m not entirely sure what Roger Harribin of the BBC has been smoking but it would seem he has got his sceptics somewhat confused :

Euro-sceptic blogger Richard North said: “The IPCC also made false predictions on the Amazon rainforests, referenced to a non-peer reviewed paper produced by an advocacy group working with the […]


Halifax TV adverts

Is it just me or do the new Halifax radio show TV adverts make you either want to break things or attempt a ritual disembowelment of the nearest mouthbreather using only a frozen herring?


UPDATE : Found one online



BBC raising your council taxes.

Whilst roaming on the BBC website I came across this article about councils paying for corrections to mis-spelled roadsigns. It would appear that some BBC wonk decided to submit FOI requests to all councils to determine how much corrections to roadsigns were costing taxpayers.

Most of the examples given are in the range of […]


Causes of Death

One of the more interesting aspects of the Internet, I find, is the vast amount of information out there. This afternoon, whilst looking through an Office of National Statistics document on the Underlying Cause of Deaths from 2008 I came across this entertainingly worded category :

Traumatic amputation at neck level – recorded as […]


Pictorial Interlude

Cliffside beach near Paldiski, Estonia. Summer 2009.



ACPO - oversight or deliberate omission?

I have read (Old Holborn amongst others) that the UK Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is a Limited Company. Considering their regular news presence and frequent advice to UK police forces to (amongst other things) ignore the law (to ignore the EU court judgement on DNA retention policy until the Home Office decides […]


Fat Dead People.

I have seen this kind of story more and more in the last few months. They generally all feature ‘grieving relatives’, cash strapped councils and a pathetic story of how some person who was incapable of shitting faster than they ate had died and wouldn’t fit into the ovens because their coffin was too […]


Nanny state annoyance.

This post contains naughty words so if you are at all delicate please fuck off now.

What a way to start a Monday morning.

I have to get up at 4am on weekdays for work and prefer a radio alarm to wake up to rather than beeping, ringing or buzzing. My station of choice […]


Testing Testing

An RSS test



When already in a hole - stop digging!

An interesting attempt here to defend beheading your wife on the grounds that she verbally abused and humiliated you.

People will try anything it seems.


The original report of the killing makes for interesting reading, including the following outstanding example of stating the bleeding obvious :

“Obviously, this is the worst […]


Is that Oxfam? I would like a bag of shite please. Hello?

Well I never – Oxfam sells bags of shite.


And if that doesnt float your boat (or float in the bowl) how about a pot smoking, free-love hippy chicken.



Midget Mayhem.

On the hunt for things to write about, I decided to break a personal rule and have a look at the Daily Mail website. I expected to find plenty of outraged colonels and retired vicars hyperventilating over some pregnant teenagers or something similar.

Instead, I found this quite amusing story of a 19 year […]


Bag of Shite!

Around where I live, the phrase ‘bag of shite’ is used for either a thing or occurrence which is less than satisfactory.

Wandering around the BBC website today, I found this wonderful ‘bag of shite’ story with a headline that could only have been improved if they had used the word shite itself.



Bra theft shock.

From the crime reports section of the delightfully named Prattville Progress we have the following heinous crimes :

Two bras were stolen from a department store on the 300 block of East Main Street on Jan. 13 at 5:20 p.m. On Jan. 13 between 9:45 a.m. and 5 p.m., a home on Cubs Place […]


Up up and away.

Deflation my arse!

CPI is only up by 2.9% so its all good until you look in the details :

Fruit 6.8% Housing repair materials 8.6% Electrical appliances 12.3% Car Insurance 22.4% (who said bankers were greedy?) Household insurance 12.7% 2nd hand cars 15.8%

So with the pound scraping along the bottom, scrappage schemes […]

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