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Video Interlude – If you insist on trying to catch a ball with your face at least control your chins ..

Work sucks currently so here is a minor diversion I found that raised a smile – ball, meet jelly chins :




The perfect Xmas party serviette – Dear Cab Driver …

A great idea for Christmas parties – fill in the details when you arrive and stuff in the top pocket.

I am wondering though, after the comprehensive list of options given for where the cash is, why you would actually need an “other” option.

As for how you actually hide cash in a thong […]


3000 pairs of ladies undergarments appear in Ohio

Whilst spotting the odd pair of underwear along a roadside is not that unusual, how about 3000 pairs? :

There’s a pretty big panty mystery playing out in central Ohio. Three thousand pairs big.

According to reports, women’s panties ranging from lacy to cartoon print where found strewn along a road side and hanging […]


A little more smoking denormalisation.

Spotted in a Telegraph article about a research piece proposing a link between childhood experiences and facial symettry in adult life, was the following little dig at smokers :

Their findings suggest that early childhood experiences such as nutrition, illness, exposure to cigarette smoke and pollution and other aspects of a difficult upbringing leave […]


IMF sovereign debt tools – William Banzai at his best

If you are not familiar with the works of William Banzai, ZeroHedge contributor, then the following is a great example of his style and humour (from this article which also includes a great primer on Greek negotiating styles and techniques) :

The austerity truss as deployed by Osborne looks […]


Man carrying dead weasel bursts into an appartment and assaults the occupant.

Great unanswered questions of our time – why do people carry dead weasels :

Police say a man was carrying a dead weasel when he burst into an apartment and assaulted a man in Washington state.

The victim asked, “Why are you carrying a weasel?” Police said the attacker answered, “It’s not a weasel, […]


Mugshots of the day revisited (again).

Having previously written about Mugshot of The Day, the Maricopa County police departments online service where you can vote for your favourite inmate mugshot, I am still wondering when the idea will be picked up here in a modern day version of the public stocks.

It would probably infringe half a dozen parts of […]


Bears, a big dog, a racoon and a pot bellied pig guarding a marijuana plantation equals one corpsing news reader.

This news lady certainly earns her money trying to record an item about a Canadian pot farm and its collection of weird and wonderful guard animals : _ _ There is definitely something infectious about free laughter like that as you just cannot help but laugh along.



Quote of the day – I do not understand.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. – Upton Sinclair, in I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked (1935)



One for films buffs – The Wilhelm Scream

Via small dead animals, a scream which is almost certain to pop up in one of the next films you see if you know what to listen for :

the Wilhelm Scream. Named after a character in the 1953 film “Charge at Feather River” who screams this panic-stricken, almost girly scream after being struck […]


Iran vs Israel Nuclear pissing match starts soon. MAD anyone?

Via ZeroHedge, the following article on the start of the war of word between Iran and the USA’s middle east mouthpiece Israel.

As has been widely anticipated, Iran is currently in the last stages of preparation before pushing the On button for its brand, spanking new (and 20 years in the making) nuclear power […]


Fair and balanced reporting from Pravda.

Following on from Pravda’s view of David Cameron, I came across another article giving us the brilliance of Gordon Brown, the dim and uneducated British people and the biased and unfair UK press. Not to mention a “prissy, stuck up conniving upstart”. Yes really.

The article is written by Pravda’s UK correspondent John Whitehouse […]


CPI fiddling.

News from the ONS via the BBC on the changes made to the basket of goods making up the CPI.

Great news if you buy lipgloss, liquid soap, allergy tablets and electric hair stylers (50% of the population taken care of there although I’m sure lipgloss type products covers off some men too such […]


Telling it like it is.

Over at the Adam Smith Institute blog today there is a short post from Dr Eamonn Butler with the following neat summary of where the world seems to be heading :

Central banks hate recessions. So they keep interest rates low. People borrow to buy homes and other assets. The bankers see the bubble […]


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