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It was only a matter of time but it’s for the children of course!

Paid a visit to a local country pub on Sunday and I think it will be that last time they get my business.

The problem?

Well there is a rather nice beer garden where you can sit and watch the country views whilst having a pint and a fag and then there is the […]


A coup like thingy – maybe …

Back in the UK after some time in Estonia for a break from UK bollocks!

The following (via Zerohedge) is a rather amusing take on US hypocrisy when it comes to aid to foreign nations :- _ _



A rather amusing take on Facebook’s new privacy settings …

Spotted in passing at Zerohedge, this made me chuckle :



Mark J Grant on the EU …

Mark Grant is always an amusing read and here is his latest missive reposted in all it’s semi-psychedelic glory, for it amused me :

“For him it was a dark passage which led to nowhere, then to nowhere, then again to nowhere, once again to nowhere, always and forever to nowhere, heavy on the […]


Modern British Life – Nag, Nag, Nag …

Nag, nag, nag …

Today started for me at 04:30 when the radio alarm came on with an NHS advert reminding me that A&E and 999 are only for emergencies. After a shower and coffee, I drove a few junctions down the motorway and was reminded on the first overhead sign not […]


Rot at the BBC – who is the “smoking rots brain” quote actually from?

Try as I might, I just cannot discover who is supposedly quoted here :

Smoking “rots” the brain by damaging memory, learning and reasoning, according to researchers at King’s College London.

A study of 8,800 people over 50 showed high blood pressure and being overweight also seemed to affect the brain, but to […]


Pictorial Interlude – Beautiful photograpy and skater skillz …

This one caught my eye :

I think it needs a trip to the barbers but beautifully captured.

This one makes me feel cold even though it resembles a volcano – a frozen street lamp :

and finally, skaterz may be assholes but they certainly have skillz :



Bansturbators being rather selective with their reporting – Smoking in cars edition …

Isn’t it amazing how bansturbator types are all too happy to ignore research that contradicts their message, even if some of the contradiction is in the same damned research paper that they are using to press forward with their shroud waving calls to stop us doing something they deem bad for […]


It’s not illegal but you cannot have it because we think it’s bad for you!

Sorry, you can’t buy this in Ipswich – the police and council say it’s bad for you.

Following on from yesterday’s shroud waving attacks on the furniture shop quite legally giving away beer to customers, we now have a whole town full of bansturbators getting shops to ‘voluntarily’ agree […]


Nulla poena sine lege – cue much shroud waving …

Want a table with that?

How is it that anything that offends the shroud wavers but is not actually illegal is always described as a “loophole”?

Before getting to the point, a brief aside regarding the title (via wikipedia) :

Nulla poena sine lege (Latin: no penalty without a law) is […]


When “strong government” is actually toeing the EU line …

An example of the government implementing EU regulations presented as the government taking strong action via The BBC :

The government is going ahead with its plan to ban retailers from imposing excessive or surprise charges on people who pay by debit or credit card.

The plan was first announced last December following […]


BBC on shooting burglars and how it should read …

This one caught my eye for the slant the BBC have put on the evil householder protecting his property :

Householder arrested after suspected burglars shot

A householder and his wife have been arrested in Leicestershire after two suspected burglars were hit with shotgun pellets.

The wounded men and two others have also been […]


Video Interlude – One to get the bansturbators in a tizz – smoking and drinking edition …

How about this for a demonstration of how to down a pint whilst simultaneously puffing on a cig :

Now, what film is that clip from??



Is war necessary?

Via a ZeroHedge article of the same title is a link to an intriguing document entitled “Report from Iron Mountian: On the possibility and desirability of peace” (available here).

Section 5, The functions of War and Section 6, Substitutes for the functions of war lay out the Economic, Political, Sociological, Ecological and Cultural purposes […]


Orwellian references coming thick and fast.

Whilst drowning in work and not having a great deal of time to actually write anything here, the following two snippets caught my eye with references to 1984 :

Firstly from ZeroHedge, the following excerpt from an interesting article on the “War on Terror” and how Al Qaeda fighters are now allies and not […]

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