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Ineptocracy and a Merry Christmas to all.

Tis the time of year again when The Wasp stretched his wings and heads North to spend Christmas far away from work in Estonia where it is decidedly colder than England was yesterday morning. Whilst not averse to a bit of cold, going from plus 12 to minus 16 in the […]


Back in the UK ….

The Wasp returns full of sunshine, beer and rest.

Not sure how long that will last on these grim rain lashed shores but we will see …



Wasp Summer Tour of Europe …

And it is that time of year again where I flap my little wings and bugger off to Estonia again for a nice three week break and some decent weather at last.

It also gives me an opportunity to wind up the cashiers at WH Smiths in Manchester Airport again when their demands to […]


Wasp’s Spring travels

Three months back here in England is about all I can stand so it’s time to stretch my wings again and head back to Estonia for a two week break from UK misery. Posting will most likely be hit and miss depending on how many units (at a lot less than 40 pence each) […]


Musical interlude – the little fly

Mr. Raccoon is back again with some more amusement while Mr. Wasp is flapping his drunken wings and trying to hit the lightbulb back to England…






Musical interlude – Dear Penis

Howdy, Mr Raccoon back again whilst Mr Wasp is fairly piss drunk (again) and I had to take over the posting for a moment. And during our drunken adventures by finally getting out of the pub to a nice warm home like feeling room and browsing some youtube I stumbled upon a song for […]


The end of 2011 and how the Euro bailout package really works …

Whilst hanging around waiting for the witching hour, the following from Zerohedge tickled my fancy … you may have seen the first version of the story but the second is much more like the reality of the EU today …

It is a slow day in a little Greek village. The rain is beating […]


Christmas greetings from Estonia.

Estonian season’s greetings from The Wasp and Mr Raccoon!

After several years of saying I would get myself over to Estonia at Christmas time, I finally made it over and seem to have fallen into one or two beer bottles as wasps tend to do which may partially explain the deafening silence that has […]


Waspsnest Summer Tour

As it’s time again for my Summer visit to Estonia posting may be a little sporadic for the next three weeks and possibly non-existent for a few days due an unfortunate internet router death at my friends appartment.

Please feel free to have a root around amongst some of the 900+ posts using the […]


Random musings – National Flag of Estonia

Completely random musing of the week…

Estonia’s national flag is a simple design of three equal width horizontal bands in Blue, Black and White from the top.

I had heard it said that the flag represents the familiar winter landscape of the country.

Wiki has the following :

There are a number of interpretations […]


We need politicians like Putin.

Via Pravda, an amazing observation to make for a politician :

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin considers a sharp increase in excise taxes on alcohol unacceptable. The measure would not reduce alcoholism and [would] trigger the growth of black market substitutes, as well as growth of moonshine production, says the prime minister. Earlier the idea […]


Travelling Wasps

My two week escape from the misery that is the UK has once again passed by all too quickly so I have a full day of playing the airport cattle game via Copenhagen.

Fortunately, I only have around 80 days to wait until my next visit to the land of £2 per pack cigarettes […]


Why are cigarettes less dangerous in Estonia?

Being one of the filthy smoker underclass in the UK, I was amused to find out that Estonian cigarettes are far less dangerous than their UK equivalents or at least you would think so from the health warnings on the packets :

The translation being “Smoking may kill”.

Somewhat different I think you […]


Health and Safety UK vs Estonia – Compare and contrast

After my last visit to Estonia I wrote about swimming in open waters to demonstrate the difference in attitude to Health and Safety in Estonia when compared to the UK (go have a quick look at the linked article to educate yourself on the finer points of drunken swimming).

Estonians generally tend to take […]


Wasp on tour – The Winter that just keeps on giving.

Having left the emerging springtime UK last Friday, arriving in Estonia was much like travelling back in time three months to mid-winter all over again.

Being English, the weather tends to come up as a topic of conversation and it is interesting to hear people talking of how long and hard this winter has […]

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