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Three million pounds – “negligible” when you are spending other people’s money …

A brief insight into the Government’s view of other people’s money – an excerpt from a paper by HM Treasury on a new tax on gaming machines (page 4 HERE if you are bored – opens pdf) :

It also meant that the total impact on Exchequer revenues across the two rates is “negligible” […]


It’s not illegal but you cannot have it because we think it’s bad for you!

Sorry, you can’t buy this in Ipswich – the police and council say it’s bad for you.

Following on from yesterday’s shroud waving attacks on the furniture shop quite legally giving away beer to customers, we now have a whole town full of bansturbators getting shops to ‘voluntarily’ agree […]


Video Interlude – How not to race a speedboat full of half naked chicks across a rough sea …

The driver’s impression of someone being shot being outdone by the ‘chicks in a food mixer’ ending I think :

The ‘pink bikini faceplant’ must have smarted a little too.



When “strong government” is actually toeing the EU line …

An example of the government implementing EU regulations presented as the government taking strong action via The BBC :

The government is going ahead with its plan to ban retailers from imposing excessive or surprise charges on people who pay by debit or credit card.

The plan was first announced last December following […]


BBC on shooting burglars and how it should read …

This one caught my eye for the slant the BBC have put on the evil householder protecting his property :

Householder arrested after suspected burglars shot

A householder and his wife have been arrested in Leicestershire after two suspected burglars were hit with shotgun pellets.

The wounded men and two others have also been […]


When spending other people’s money, the sky is the limit …

A snippet from a BBC article on Sheffield’s £2 billion PFI funded road improvement program proving that you can buy what the hell you like when spending other people’s money :

Trees and kerbs will also be improved and a further 1,000 litter bins are planned for the city.

Some of the bins are […]


Orwellian references coming thick and fast.

Whilst drowning in work and not having a great deal of time to actually write anything here, the following two snippets caught my eye with references to 1984 :

Firstly from ZeroHedge, the following excerpt from an interesting article on the “War on Terror” and how Al Qaeda fighters are now allies and not […]


Paying (for) Lip Service at the NHS … around £6 million per year and counting …

A BBC article this morning that had me spluttering my coffee all over while wondering why the fuck I (and every other tax payer) should be funding shit like this on the NHS :

The rise in women seeking a perfect vagina

Last year more than 2000 labiaplasties were carried out on the NHS, […]


Doublethink is alive and well at the Department of the Environment.

Doublethink according to Orwell in 1984 :

The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for […]


How many consultations does the government need to implement a rule already imposed by the EU on food labelling?

A BBC article yesterday announces a consultation on food labelling :

Food manufacturers, supermarkets and health experts are to be asked their views on the best way to label the nutritional content of food.

There have been long-running battles over how to label the amount of fat, sugar, salt and calories in food […]


The government bansturbators reach the works canteen.

Banned – it’s for your own good you know!

On returning to work this week after my Estonian adventures, the hot topic in the office is food rather than the more usual who is or isn’t shagging who.

While I was away, the works canteen implemented their part of the governments […]


Does Cameron have a secret deal with the EU to get his alcohol strategy off the ground?

Ban it! Ban it all! You are not trusted to make the ‘right’ choices.

Whilst Cameron’s ramblings have been covered at length, I have not seen is anything on why exactly he seems to be so sure that the minimum pricing initiative will not get kicked out when it gets to […]


Government saying one thing and doing another – increasing the cost of paying HMRC by credit card.

Just before Christmas a huge amount of press space was dedicated to the Government’s announcement that “excessive credit card charges” would be made illegal by the end of 2012 :

Excessive card surcharges will be banned, says Treasury

“Excessive” fees for using a debit or credit card to buy items such as […]


The Government is beginning to enjoy this retrospective legislation lark.

I previously wrote about retrospective legislation when Labour were busy wringing the last drops of blood out of the bond market to fund state largesse :

Our current government seems to be getting quite keen on using retrospective legislation; that is, legislation which makes something which was legal at the time now illegal […]


“Police investigating innapropriate comments” … it’s enough to make you weep …

I really do wonder what the hell this country is turning into sometimes …

“Inappropriate comments” left on a Facebook tribute site for dead a Norfolk teenager are being investigated by police.

Maisie Baxter, 13, was found dead at her home in Trowse, near Norwich, at about 17:50 GMT on Saturday.

Norfolk Police are […]

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