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That was one hell of a bang …

Video capturing the moment the Texas fertiliser plant went boom yesterday reportedly killing at least 70 and, if the video is anything to go by, probably many more.

From CNN :

On Wednesday evening, a fire at the plant suddenly exploded with a huge, deafening bang, throwing people to the ground blocks away. It […]


Video Interlude – Putin gawping at bristols …

The Russian President’s face is rather amusing in this video clip at around 8 seconds when the Putin and Merkel press conference gets gatecrashed by a pair of topless protesters : _ _

I am not sure whether he was getting ready to fend the woman off or cop a feel Russian style when […]


Video Interlude to annoy the bansturbators – tobacco cat …

Smoke stealing kitty amused me somewhat :



Artistic Interlude – Infinity and Alice in a suit …

Hopefully only another month of slavery but in the mean time, this one caught my eye – simple but very clever :

And I wasn’t expecting this one from a Finnish poster campaign – scrubs up rather well I think :



Video Interlude – Pedestrians in need of clean underwear …

Whilst work is preventing anything useful here, how about these lucky buggers :

Notice the chick on the right nearly being decapitated by the tailgate!



Pictorial Interlude – Earth’s most intelligent beings, backlit bat, battle monkeys and how to make a policeman laugh …

All work and no play – bugger that, how about some amusement …

Cats rule (dog lovers – go and throw sticks or something and move on) :

Lace wings – a bat and it’s SAD lamp possibly :

The latest secret weapons (not to be confused with […]


Bugger the Bankers and Politicians – Official Video …

Amusing, with one or two telling lyrics such as :

‘cos we are programmed against insurrection.

_ _ Bugger everyone!

Via FT Alphaville Tweet


Video Interlude – The badass Honey Badger …

Awesome creature which doesn’t give a shit with amusing commentary : _ _

H/T – Estonians 🙂 Tweet


What do you do when a tornado is heading for your apartment? Why film it of course!

A tornado in Portugal recently scoring a direct hit on a football stadium and apartment block.

Filming it through a glass window may not have been the brightest thing in the world, especially when you see the strength of the wind but it gives a great impression of what they are actually like. I […]


Video Interlude – Honduras – the place to go to watch the planes land … just don’t actually fly there ..

Having occasionally spent a few hours at the end of various runways watching the planes land for nothing more than the spectacle of a few hundred tonnes of aluminium bowling in at a rate of knots I can certainly say that none of those occasions match the following video for entertainment. Honduras certainly looks […]


Video Interlude – How not to do a burnout on a motorbike …

While work continues to get in the way of writing here, I did manage to find this rather amusing failure :



Video Interlude – Nothing like a good building blowdown to raise the spirits …

And, not just one but over 100 blasted structures on this video produced for a 2003 museum exhibition in Amsterdam : _ _

Brought a smile to my face anyway!

copyright implosionworld.com LLC. […]


Video Interlude – probably one of the strangest things you have never seen … Epic Tea Time

Take a very slow motion Alan Rickman, a tea bag, slice of lemon, cup of boiling water, a glass desk with assorted office items and the track Mind Heist from the film Inception and you have the following – I recommend starting the clip, change the quality to HD and go full screen and […]


Video Interlude – Russians playing at the top of a very, very high tower …

Impressive, bordering on outright stupidity and definitely not one for those with a dislike of heights : _ _ I wonder how many of those guys are still around?

H/T – Coccoon […]


Video Interlude – It aint over until the fat lady … falls on her face in cake …

I seriously have no idea what, where or more importantly why but the creamcake faceplant is amusing :


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