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Video Interlude – Venus transit of the Sun.

Well I saw bugger all here yesterday morning with thick cloud but, thankfully, we have NASA to thank for this beautiful video which has some amazing shots of the sun and Venus : _ _




The Waspsnest guide to photographing Venus moving across the Sun on Wednesday.

If you missed the opportunity on June 8th 2004, this Wednesday morning at sunrise is your last chance to engage in a little astronomy and get your own picture of Venus transiting the Sun.

Last chance that is, assuming you are not going to be alive in December 2117 when it is visible from […]


The Alien prequel … erm I mean Prometheus trailer looks damned good …

Whilst I never fully judge a film by it’s trailer (as the trailers usually contain all the bits worth seeing from the film condensed into 2 or 3 minutes leaving the other hour or so as dull as ditchwater), the trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus certainly looks stunning : _ _

One to look […]


Kinky gone wrong on so many levels

To infinity and beyond!

I really would like to hear that Toy Story behind this accident.



Musical Interlude – Demonic Death Judge

Anyway, enough of Europe, One World Government and The New World Order for one week …

Unless you already know the band, you will probably have completely the wrong idea about the following video entitled “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it”.

My advice would be to ignore your prejudices about the band […]


NASA experimental video from Endeavour’s final launch.

Following on from Nasa’s last offering of a full ride on the rocket boosters from launch to splashdown, they have again excelled themselves with the following video of Endeavour’s launch made by compositing images from an array of high speed still cameras :

Imaging experts funded by the Space Shuttle Program and located at […]

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