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Russia Today and Nigel Farage give us phrase of the day “Sado Moneterism”

I find that Russia Today is always a breath of fresh air compared to the UK MSM and the following video doesn’t disappoint.

Whatever your opinion of Farage, listen to the interviewers questioning and the content of the debate played out against a background of rioting on the streets of Greece and you have […]


Deathrow’s Metal Sunday

After awakening from my slumbers on this brand new year and not actually feeling hungover from excessive drinking I thought that there is nothing better this week than a little thrash metal to get the year started.

Naturally, we are talking about thrash metal from Germany – the really fast, brutal and noisy kind […]


Deathrow’s Christmas message – Black Metal edition

Well, it’s Christmas, so no better time to slap on some corpsepaint and terrorize your elderly neighbours by running around in your backyard screaming at the moon, spewing out blasphemy and being generally unholy in true black metal style.

With that in mind, here are a few tracks to use as the soundtrack for […]


Deathrow’s Metal Sunday

Feeling not particularly well (and no this has not been induced by the consumption of industrial amounts of alcohol, for a change) I decided to give my poor braincell a little rest and compile this small selection of bands better known in the local scene here in Estonia.

I really didn’t use any criteria […]


Deathrow’s Metal Sunday part 1.

Welcome to the start of a guest posting series all about metal music from my very good Estonian friend Deathrow, a human encyclopedia of all things metal.

Noisy and obnoxious, that’s how i like my music. Walls of aggressive noise spewing forth from my stereo speaker much to the disdain of my neighbours whom […]

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