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Is that a little BBC bias I spy?

On the subject of hydraulic fracturing of shale gas formations (fracking if you must), one of the main objections seems to be the possibility of groundwater contamination from the chemicals involved in the water injection process. Whilst the proportion of chemical additive to water is very low, there are large amounts of water involved […]


Parents think it is too dangerous to let their kids play in the snow. I wonder why that is …

We seem to have become a timid race here in the UK.

From the Torygraph, we have this :

Nearly a third of parents believe it is “too dangerous” to let their children play outside in the snow, in case they slip on ice or get hit by a snowball, a survey has shown. […]


Rot at the BBC – who is the “smoking rots brain” quote actually from?

Try as I might, I just cannot discover who is supposedly quoted here :

Smoking “rots” the brain by damaging memory, learning and reasoning, according to researchers at King’s College London.

A study of 8,800 people over 50 showed high blood pressure and being overweight also seemed to affect the brain, but to […]


First cannon like thingy


Been a long time since I posted something over here. And since Mr.Wasp is really fond of cannons and military things I found this rather amusing picture for him :


Hope you all enjoyed this little quickie.





Bansturbators being rather selective with their reporting – Smoking in cars edition …

Isn’t it amazing how bansturbator types are all too happy to ignore research that contradicts their message, even if some of the contradiction is in the same damned research paper that they are using to press forward with their shroud waving calls to stop us doing something they deem bad for […]


Amusing BBC headlines – The NHS goes all medieval …

Whilst times may be hard out there in government funded land, I don’t think it calls for the return of 18th century medical techniques, especially the use of axes on children requiring cardiac care which is the first thing that came to mind on seeing the following (highlighted) BBC headline :

Such a […]


BBC bias on GDP revison news.

Gratuitous Balls picture if only because it’s so amusing …

An interesting and somewhat confused article from our beloved state broadcaster on today’s downward revision of the first quarter GDP figures where they can’t quite decide which is the real story so seemingly cover all bases and then ignore one point in […]


Sloppy Policing in action.

Considering that we seem to be one of the most tracked populations on the planet, what with CCTV, ANPR and all the other state funded controls, I find it somewhat alarming that the police seem to rely on DNA evidence as being beyond reproach when it is used to charge a man in Devon […]


More selective reporting at the BBC.

Given the BBC’s newly exposed lack of impartiality on green matters it doesn’t really surprise me that they would put a positive spin on a poll about nuclear and renewable power.

The impartiality bit comes out in one of the newly released Climategate emails :

date: Wed Dec  8 08:25:30 2004 from: Phil Jones […]


With the BBC you never get what you were expecting …

Having seen the following headline on the local news section over at the BBC :

I clicked through fully expecting to find some suitable blogging material about pensioners being warned about some young girly causing an outbreak of funny turns by flaunting herself from the rear windows of the school bus.

Alas, it […]


What on earth is “charged with improper use of a social networking site”?

Aside from the catch all offence of “incitement to or of X” which seems to be a favourite of our thin skinned society, I am left wondering exactly what the hell is “charged with improper use of a social networking site”?

Coming from the BBC, I suppose it is probably more to do with […]


Doctors finally discover something good about Stoke.

Something I would never have expected to read in The Telegraph is that medical researchers at Stanford University have discovered a drug in Stoke that can be used to treat stroke related brain injuries up to 12 hours after the attack.

The exact drug is not named in the article but being Stoke I […]


Government borrowing continues to rise as we head to a true £1 trillion debt this financial year.

For anyone having read both the BBC and Telegraph reports of today’s government borrowing data releases they could be forgiven for wondering where on earth the title for this post comes from as our wonderful MSM paint a rather different picture.

The Telegraph headline has this :

Borrowing falls, cue the fanfare, all […]


Kevin Rudd, Australia’s former PM is looking a bit rough these days.

Telegraph readers could be forgiven for thinking that the former Australian PM Kevin Rudd has taken his election defeat rather badly after seeing the following article in the online edition this evening :

Fortunately for the ex-PM (and unfortunately for the Telegraph), the picture tagged to the Rudd article actually belongs to the article […]


Remember Fukushima? Fire, explosions and criticality in the fuel pool at reactor 4 caught on video.

Whilst the MSM has long forgotten Fukushima, the following video and commentary from Hawaii News Daily shows just how little Tepco has achieved in bringing the damaged plant under control.

The timeline commentary below the video gives you a few pointers as to what you are seeing – most of the events up to […]

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