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It was only a matter of time but it’s for the children of course!

Paid a visit to a local country pub on Sunday and I think it will be that last time they get my business.

The problem?

Well there is a rather nice beer garden where you can sit and watch the country views whilst having a pint and a fag and then there is the […]


That was one hell of a bang …

Video capturing the moment the Texas fertiliser plant went boom yesterday reportedly killing at least 70 and, if the video is anything to go by, probably many more.

From CNN :

On Wednesday evening, a fire at the plant suddenly exploded with a huge, deafening bang, throwing people to the ground blocks away. It […]


Modern British Life – Nag, Nag, Nag …

Nag, nag, nag …

Today started for me at 04:30 when the radio alarm came on with an NHS advert reminding me that A&E and 999 are only for emergencies. After a shower and coffee, I drove a few junctions down the motorway and was reminded on the first overhead sign not […]


Parents think it is too dangerous to let their kids play in the snow. I wonder why that is …

We seem to have become a timid race here in the UK.

From the Torygraph, we have this :

Nearly a third of parents believe it is “too dangerous” to let their children play outside in the snow, in case they slip on ice or get hit by a snowball, a survey has shown. […]


I would not want to be fishing off Denmark later …

Not very often you see Hurricane Force 12 mentioned in a met office forecast along with some stomach churning seas (phenomenal definition here) :



Video Interlude – Honduras – the place to go to watch the planes land … just don’t actually fly there ..

Having occasionally spent a few hours at the end of various runways watching the planes land for nothing more than the spectacle of a few hundred tonnes of aluminium bowling in at a rate of knots I can certainly say that none of those occasions match the following video for entertainment. Honduras certainly looks […]


Video Interlude – How not to do a burnout on a motorbike …

While work continues to get in the way of writing here, I did manage to find this rather amusing failure :



Video Interlude – Nothing like a good building blowdown to raise the spirits …

And, not just one but over 100 blasted structures on this video produced for a 2003 museum exhibition in Amsterdam : _ _

Brought a smile to my face anyway!

copyright implosionworld.com LLC. […]


Bansturbators being rather selective with their reporting – Smoking in cars edition …

Isn’t it amazing how bansturbator types are all too happy to ignore research that contradicts their message, even if some of the contradiction is in the same damned research paper that they are using to press forward with their shroud waving calls to stop us doing something they deem bad for […]


Video Interlude – Russians playing at the top of a very, very high tower …

Impressive, bordering on outright stupidity and definitely not one for those with a dislike of heights : _ _ I wonder how many of those guys are still around?

H/T – Coccoon […]


Video Interlude – How not to race a speedboat full of half naked chicks across a rough sea …

The driver’s impression of someone being shot being outdone by the ‘chicks in a food mixer’ ending I think :

The ‘pink bikini faceplant’ must have smarted a little too.



Accidentally killing your secretary with an Uzi at dinner? That would be Thailand …

Playing with your Uzi whilst dining is not recommended!

A somewhat bizarre tale from the Bangkok Post :

Mae Hong Son Senator Boonsong Kowawisarat accidentally shot and killed his personal secretary with a submachine gun in a restaurant in Phrae province, police said.

The shooting took place at a […]


Video Interlude – Run over by your own cars – twice in 20 seconds – talk about unlucky.

The guy in the following video (assuming he is still around after that mangling) must be the unluckiest person alive. Not content with being run over by his own truck after what appears to be an effort to stop it rolling away, he then gets run over by the second truck on the drive […]


The government bansturbators reach the works canteen.

Banned – it’s for your own good you know!

On returning to work this week after my Estonian adventures, the hot topic in the office is food rather than the more usual who is or isn’t shagging who.

While I was away, the works canteen implemented their part of the governments […]


Christmas greetings from Estonia.

Estonian season’s greetings from The Wasp and Mr Raccoon!

After several years of saying I would get myself over to Estonia at Christmas time, I finally made it over and seem to have fallen into one or two beer bottles as wasps tend to do which may partially explain the deafening silence that has […]

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