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Amusing URLs

Via The Telegraph, news of a new book listing some of the URLs being used around the world where there should have been a little more thought given to the choice of name :

Experts Exchange – a site where programmers can trade advice – is found at www.expertsexchange.com

La Drape – a British […]


Legalised police theft in the UK

I was amazed to read the following story in the Telegraph this morning where police in Leeds removed a mans legally parked car because he had left the window open and a CD case on view :

Marcus Morris was told that police they had taken his VW Polo because the open window – […]


Perfecting that signature look.

The lady below has certainly put some considerable effort into achieving her desired look but I think most people would be only too glad to “fuck off” out of her way without needing to be told to do so.

If Carlsberg made beer goggles …



US missiles arrive in Poland after all.

A little over 6 months after cancelling deployment of the missile defence system in Eastern Europe to encourage the Russians to engage in Nuclear Weapons reduction, the US slips a Patriot Missile battery into Poland at a base just 70km away from Russian enclave Kaliningrad.

The Guardian reported the cancellation last September :

Under […]


Musical Interlude.

Megadeth – Killing is my business. Do enjoy! _



Quote of the day.

Has to go to Al Jahom with this blinder from a piece about David Laws and his mother being Catholic :

Ahh. Catholics. It’s a rather pluralist approach to sodomy they have, isn’t it? Apparently, it’s the ‘voluntary’ variety they object to.

Good enough, I think, to bring out the old ‘pope looking possessed’ […]


You think the UK has weird laws? Think again.

Rather thin on detail and all the more intriguing for it, this from the Advertiser-Tribune in Tiffin Ohio :

Christopher A. Dell, 23, of Tiffin, was charged for allegedly allowing a dog to bark Thursday evening.

I am left wondering if it is only illegal on Thursday evening or if you can only be […]


Laws resigns.

Breaking News from the BBC (and only a few hours after Old Holborn posted the rumour), David Laws resigns over £40,000 of rental payments and it wont be long before we start getting SMS jokes about him paying for ‘rent’ either I think.

Guido wrote about Laws and his future prospects earlier and even […]


Nuclear Option back on the table for BP?

Via Zero Hedge, it is looking increasingly likely that the Nuclear Option (have a look here for last weeks post on how to Nuke an oil well) will be the only way for BP to bring it’s badly leaking oil well under control as evidence emerges of an even larger leak, miles away from […]


The Daily Mash guide to Electric Cars

With electric cars being mentioned more and more in the press lately, this article from The Daily Mash vaults gives more than enough good reasons why we should avoid the stupidity of the damned things in the first place :

THE Nissan factory in Sunderland is to produce a new electric car that will […]


Adverts that make you scream.

After having found myself shouting fuck off at the TV once again, I will have a little vent about the wondrous Dettol Hands Free Soap Dispenser thing or whatever they are calling it.

The advert starts with people touching dirty things such as a dustbin, raw chicken and a toad (and no this isn’t […]


Vaclav Klaus on the Euro

Via The Cato Institute, Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic writes on his view of the future of the Eurozone.

His main assertion in the article is that the Eurozone will not collapse due to the huge amount of political capital invested in the project but that will come with it’s own financial […]


Greece backpeddles while Germany looks to a get out clause.

Via Zero Hedge we have Greece looking to renegotiate some of it’s IMF agreed austerity package :

It is well-known by now that the IMF and EU have no credibility left. What, however, was not known, is that even bankrupt little Greece is now in on this secret. In the latest attempt by the […]


Is Korea about to go pop?

It would seem that tensions between North and South Korea are ratcheting up.

Via Yonhap News :

S. Korea on alert as N. Korean subs disappear in East Sea

SEOUL, May 26 (Yonhap) — South Korea’s military was tracking four North Korean submarines which disappeared from their east coast base after conducting naval training […]


Stone the sinner!

Fresh from The Daily Mash is this amusing tale of American Christianity that is surreal enough to be true or at least a great marketing opportunity :


THE makers of the faith-based toys taking America by storm are to produce a […]

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