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Split crotch panties!

Trawling around the blogosphere on a slow Saturday evening brings the occasional wtf and slow smile :

Ironically, however, recent archaeological research at the site of the battle has proved conclusively that the Battle of Hastings was the first battle in recorded history where the conquering army were all – indeed – wearing French […]


The tadpoles are laughing at us Maureen.

And so it came to pass that I discovered Little Frigging in the Wold :

The tadpoles are laughing at us, Maureen, and the large unwieldy device you used to organise the arrangement of our store of pickled onions lies slowly rusting at the back of the garage.

What has become of us?

Where […]


Public service – Russian style.

While the UK has to put up with an army of train managers (or whatever their title is nowadays) who will do whatever they can to avoid doing what they are paid for, the Russian seem to have a rather different attitude as in this little tale from Pravda :

A court in Russia’s […]


Scottish trampoline wanker found guilty.

Not very often you can write a title like that but thanks to the BBC we have the following tale giving much needed amusement as well as some un-necessary mental images :

A man caught jumping up and down naked on a trampoline has avoided a jail sentence.

James Burden, 55, was spotted by […]


And you thought the UK has a Quango problem.

For all the mutterings from vested interests in the news here about quangos and how their dismantling would be disastrous (this one, for example, comparing the UK Film Council to the NHS) you need only look at the US and the size of their quangocracy to see we are not alone by any means.



The dangers of unemployment.

Seeing the headline, most people would think of lost homes, bankruptcy or an increase in crime.

Unless, that is, you are a fundamentalist christian type from my old favourite Christwire.org who see the following dangerous trends in the US after Obama’s administration extended unemployment benefits :

With Unemployment Benefits Extended, Rates of Domestic Masturbation […]


Join the Resistance.

Spotted over at Dick Puddlecotes place – join the resistance now!

I certainly made full use of my luggage allowance at the weekend.



Personal responsibility – compare and contrast.

As I mention in my holiday posts below, Estonia still believes in the concept of people being responsible for their own actions. The lack of the UK’s myriad warning signs for example is one of the reasons I love spending time in Estonia. It reminds me of my childhood in a way when people […]


Back in the UK – culture shock

After three weeks away, returning to the UK is always a wrench but especially so this year when the weather here seems distinctly Autumnal compared with 3 weeks of 30+ degree sunshine.

One thing I really noticed yesterday on the drive back from the airport was the endless precession of road safety signs which […]


Wasp in Estonia

I have two more days in Estonia and, having had my first look at the news in nearly three weeks, I see nothing much has changed in the UK with our new ConDem masters promising the world only to deliver a steaming pile of BS.

Oh joy!

Hopefully I will get around to removing […]


Wasp in Estonia

Even after having falling inside several beer bottles, as wasps have a tendency of doing in Summer, I haven’t been swatted just yet.

Not seeing any TV news or reading any news or blogs for an entire week feels quite liberating. Especially so when you discover that some armed fugitive person has been running […]


Wasp on tour.

Wasp is off to annoy friends in Estonia for three weeks so posting will be somewhat sporadic depending on how many bottles of Saku Tume and Ukranian Birch Vodka are consumed.

In the mean time, I recommend paying a visit to Christwire.org where weird and amusing delights such as the following article can be […]

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