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Wasp on tour.

Wasp is off to annoy friends in Estonia for three weeks so posting will be somewhat sporadic depending on how many bottles of Saku Tume and Ukranian Birch Vodka are consumed.

In the mean time, I recommend paying a visit to where weird and amusing delights such as the following article can be found.

I am still not sure if it is satire or not but it certainly makes for amusing reading :

As I searched for more videos to warn you about on YouTube today, I spat out my bran oats in disgust when I came across this one.

We all know video games tend to be dangerous. They can infect you with all sorts or Satanic imps and spirits.

I’ve already shown how the game World of Warcraft is evil and is responsible for death, disease and sloven bodies and minds of young adults and children. I’ve preached and warned of the dangers of Pokemon and Grand Theft Automobile, games that celebrate Japanese pornography, witchcraft and black crimes.

A game that tries to stay veil however and seem like fun for the entire family is Rock Band. It is a game that lets you design your own punk rocker band with purple hair and leather pants. It sets the stage so it looks like you are taking drugs and the crowd cheers as you sing the devil’s most favorite songs for over the past 30 years.

My friends, you know as well as I that rock music is of Satan. It is all about sex and drugs, or drugs and sex. That is the scope of all rock music songs and the bands celebrate that lifestyle in drunken backstage orgies and their hippie van buses.

So it should come as no surprise that even parents are perverted by the sickness of this game. In the following video, a mother has become infected by demons of Rock Band and they have enticed her to strip naked as if she’s actually Pink Floyd or even Metallica, two of the most dangerous bands of Satan. Look at the numb expression on her face as she fornicates to the sound of Satan’s guitar and controls sound waves that are pleasing unto Satan’s ears.

This is sick and all the proof you should need of why if your child or wife has Rock Band, you immediately destroy the game and forbade them from leaving the house for at least a week while they get delivered and prayed for.Warning: The following video contains a mother who has fallen to the wiles of Rock Band Music and Satan. Please first pray then demand all women/children leave the room and get from within earshot before watching this sick, depraved video for your parenting review team.


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