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Environmentalists just want to kill the fun in life.

A great little post I spotted at the Adam Smith Institute regarding increasing duties on flights has the following insightful paragraph (emphasis mine) :

This duty hike is especially rotten because it taxes one of the most fun things most people have in their lives. Spending months toiling in boring jobs, with even lower-rate […]


Education killing creativity.

Sent by one of the Waspsnest Estonian co-conspirators, an enlightening and very amusing video of a talk by Sir Ken Robinson on the state of our education system and how it is killing creativity.

One great quote from the video to whet your appetite – “We have a huge vested interest in education, partly […]


Musical Interlude – Apocalyptica

Apocalyptica, possibly better known for their classical covers of metal tracks (see below for the second video – cover of a Metallica track), also have a fine line in pieces of their own – Farewell being a damned fine example of their work.

There is something about the cello sound that just works, both […]


Topless sledging – Oh yes!

The Wasp is not a great sports fan but this is one sport that certainly appeals and, in the spirit of Monty Python, here is some gratuitous nudity to offend the righteous :

It may not be the Winter Olympics but this topless tobogganing tournament has certainly got fans nipping out for a […]


Do not attempt to have sex with a metal pipe – it will end badly.

Another from Metro that I couldn’t resist sharing :

Medics at Southampton General Hospital struggled to get the man’s penis out of the stainless steel pipe, because the restricted blood flow had caused it to become erect.

Instead, they resorted called in Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The fire crew turned up with a […]


A new low in miserable animals.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything that captures the spirit of misery better that a blobfish.

From Metro :

These sad-looking creatures, which grow up to lengths of 12 inches, live at depths of 900m.

They spend most of their time gently floating around waiting for food to pass in front […]


Rednecks in the Army

Rather bored, I discovered BitofFun.com which has some damned funny jokes and some other very strange stuff.

The Redneck joke below is a great example of what is lurking on there – go have a look as you are guaranteed to find something to make you laugh out loud :

Dear Ma and Pa […]


Musical Interlude – One song – Two Versions

Death Letter Blues – Son House original and the White Stripes cover.

Do enjoy!

(If you really can’t bear to watch Son House at work because it seems too old fashioned, skip right to the White Stripes cover – it kicks serious ass)

_ _



How to fuck up a good idea – Coalition benefit cuts.

Stolen shamelessly from this article at the BBC, a picture is worth a thousand words as they say :

Impact of child benefit cut Tax rate Annual income Benefit Keep or cut? Lower

£43,875 or less £1,752.4 Higher

£43,876 or more 0 2x Lower


(2 x 43,875)

£1,752.4 1x Lower 1x Higher




Silence is golden.

Wandering around the BBC, I came across this article about five people participating in a Jesuit “silent retreat” in response to modern life getting more noisy.

The article itself has some interesting bits about the modern worlds obsession with always on communication but the best bit is the following quote from one of the […]


What is your favourite cut of meat?

Via Pravda, Pamela Anderson, promoting her good works with Peta, has something of a butchers wallboard makeover :

Will it be breast or rump this weekend sir?

Interestingly, in some of the other photos at Pravda it looks like they have reduced some of the real life proportions for the picture, […]



Apologies for the outage yesterday due to SQL server buggerations.

Hopefully everything is working properly again now.

UPDATE – I am changing servers – back soon.

UPDATE 2 – Waspsnest is now on a new server at a hosting company that actually gives a fuck about it’s customers. Hopefully I haven’t broken anything in […]


Deadly Hornets and Russian Comets

Not much time for posting due to work so a quick couple of snippets I found over at Pravda (no, not the BBC).

In the UK we have wasps which tend to be annoying (except me of course!) but in Japan they have some huge hornets that kill around 40 people per year from […]


Why would anyone want to smuggle a crocodile on a plane?

Sometimes the news is just too bizarre :

A plane crash in Democratic Republic of Congo that killed 20 people on board was caused by a crocodile hidden in a bag on the flight, a media report said here Friday.

British co-pilot Chris Wilson was among 20 people who died in the crash when […]


Poetic Interlude – Candles

Seemed appropriate to match my mood this evening … Candles by Constantine P Cavafy :

The days of the future stand in front of us

Like a line of candles all alight—-

Golden and warm and lively little candles.

The days that are past are left behind,

A mournful row of candles that are […]

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