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More health encouragement.

It appears that the coagulation are swiftly removing the last vestiges of being any different to the last bunch of shits with the myriad announcements on health, lifestyle and general nudging being made in the past few days.

Longrider has a great post on just this subject, to which I will add this little […]


Nice Beaver!

Leslie Nielsen, gone but not forgotten.

Personally, I can never hear the word beaver without thinking of the scene from Naked Gun and no matter how many times I see it, I still laugh like a drain. _



Shopping in the USA – we need to invent another circle of hell.

Shopping violence and near riots in the USA as “bargain hunters” go a little too far in their search for gifts and sale items.

Nine examples Via Pravda :

#1 At a Target store in Buffalo, New York the crowds waiting impatiently outside suddenly became a chaotic mob once the doors opened at 4 […]


US calls wikileaks criminals

The US has branded not only the leakers but wikileaks itself as criminals – as if that excuses being caught red-handed making decidedly undiplomatic comments about everyone else :

From Reuters (and yes the following is all) :

White House calls WikiLeaks, leakers criminals

WASHINGTON | Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:42pm EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) […]


Can we expect the lights to go out early next week?

Whilst idly browsing, I came across the following rather interesting graphs from the National Electricity Traders Association website (a collection of data aggregated into one page by The National Grid).

While the daily temperatures are dropping well below the forecast planned range :

The forecast daily generating surplus seems to be rather on […]


Bailing out Ireland – The EU gets its pound of flesh.

The bailout of Ireland has been agreed this weekend, weighing in at €85 billion all told.

FT Alphaville has the full details here but the following caught my eye (emphasis mine) :

The State’s contribution to the €85 billion facility will be €17.5 billion, which will come from the National Pension Reserve Fund (NPRF) […]


Yet another smoking related article choosing to ignore the actual facts.

The Telegraph has an article on their website today purporting to link the UK’s high rate of respiratory deaths with the supposed high prevalence of smoking in the UK.

Reading the article, I started to become suspicious, partly due to the lack of actual concrete statistics (admittedly nothing new these days) but mainly due […]


One more step towards a Police State?

If the UK isn’t already a Police State then the following from the BBC certainly seems to be pointing the way to a time when the police can act as they like with no judicial oversight whatsoever :

The police are seeking powers to shut down websites deemed to be engaged in “criminal” activity.The […]


Pictorial Interlude – Euro Art Satire edition

Via Zerohedge, contributor williambanzai7 is one hell of an artist.

A selection of his works (more at the link above) inspired by Salvador-Dali- melting clocks, Rene Magritte – The Son of Man and Leonardo da Vinci – Leda and the Swan.

The last one there only reinforcing my Merkel fetish – now if […]


What the IMF has in store for Ireland.

If you thought the current IMF/EU negotiations were about helping Ireland in it’s time of need then you really ought to have a read at an article written by Mike Whitney at Counter Punch.

A few excerpts as a taster :

Imagine that Yasser Arafat had succeeded in ending Israeli occupation and establishing a […]


A bunch of troughing, unelected shits.

If anyone needed any further evidence of the kind of people running the EU, the following from the Telegraph just goes to show how out of touch the unelected Eurocrats really are (emphasis mine) :

Eurocrats to receive 3.7 per cent pay increase, European Court of Justice rules

Wednesday’s decision paves the way for […]


Korean fighting – a different viewpoint.

Whilst the media here in the UK seems to stress the fact that North Korea started shelling one of South Koreas islands, Pravda, in their usual way, have a rather different slant on the story that certainly makes for interesting reading.

If you put aside for a moment the usual anti US/NATO stance […]


Musical Interlude – Rheinkaos, Beta Religion

Spotted by one of Waspsnest Estonian co-conspirators, a great piece of experimental black metal which is unlike anything I have heard before and all the better for it – excellent stuff! _



What to write about? Decisions, decisions.

Well, for a start, Ireland is out today as I can’t improve on this photo of the front page of The Irish Daily Star from The Boiling Frog :

I had considered North Korea and South Korea exchanging artillery fire across the border (from The Grauniad) :

South Korea warned today that it […]


Sinn Fein opinion on the bailout of Ireland

Straight from their website, it doesn’t need any comment to see what they think :

And, if you are wondering why Osborne quickly stepped up to the mark by offering a loan to Ireland, look no further than the following chart (vis FT Alphaville) :


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