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Can we expect the lights to go out early next week?

Whilst idly browsing, I came across the following rather interesting graphs from the National Electricity Traders Association website (a collection of data aggregated into one page by The National Grid).

While the daily temperatures are dropping well below the forecast planned range :

The forecast daily generating surplus seems to be rather on the low side in the next few days :

Tuesday to Thursday’s surplus there of around 4 to 5 GW doesn’t seem to leave much contingency as we all start to resemble Eskimos.

As an aside, it is also nice to see Wind Power generation running at around 18% of capacity – how we manage to keep the lights on in future whilst relying on the old bird mincers is anyone’s guess.

Huhne certainly hasn’t got a fucking clue that’s for sure :

Posted capacity is 2430 MW with actual generation of late being in the region of 440MW.

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