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The Waspsnest review of 2010 – Part I

As 2010 comes to a close and The Waspsnest approaches its first anniversary, what better time than to have a trawl through my witterings for the highlights and lowlights of the year.


Whilst The Daily Mail brought us a story of Midget Mayhem as a 3 foot 9 inch, 19 year old got […]


The Waspsnest review of 2010 – Part II

And on we go to the second half of 2010.


Wasp spent most of the month in Estonia where this wonderful sign was seen highlighting the different view of personal responsibility in Estonia compared to the UK :

Estonia – No drunken swimming

UK – English water is much […]


The Moose tagged me.

After Dick Puddlecote started a “describe your blogspace” tag session, I have been tagged by the Fuel Injected Moose to descibe the contents of The Waspsnest.

As The Wasp is of the solitary wasp species things are none too tidy in the nest. I even managed to kick over a pile of Xmas empties […]


More restrictions on liberty coming into force next month.

While Labour have been out of power for 7 months, sleeping elements of their legislation are still being brought into force by Statutory Instrument under the authority of the Home Office.

Amongst a large raft of SI’s signed recently is this one :

The Policing and Crime Act 2009 (Commencement No. 7) Order 2010 […]


What was the emergency at London City Airport on 19th December?

Looking through the list of Satutory Instruments coming into force , I discovered this rather strange item (pdf) :

The order was rescinded (by another SI) at 13:15 on the 20th December with the following :

That emergency having now passed, the Secretary of State no longer deems it necessary in the public […]


Czech MP’s 2011 calendar

Having been rather impressed with last years version of the Czech parliamentarians calendar I was delighted to find their 2011 offering today.

January, April and September are below:

I still can’t quite decide if they are better than the 2011 German Farm Girls though.

After those delights, can you imagine UK […]


Paul Flynn (Labour) misses the point entirely.

What is it with politicians and the blogosphere?

Is it that they don’t like the idea of people having opinions that are not state sanctioned?  It is that they don’t like the idea of people using technology to point out what tits our rulers are? Or it it just sour grapes after having some […]


Labour’s legacy – stasi informers and thought crime.

A little background by way of introduction :

Earlier this year the government was running an advert for the anti-terrorist hotline asking people to report ‘suspicious activity’ to the police : _

As Prison Planet writes, this was more to do with encouraging a stasi-informer attitude in the general population than preventing attacks […]


Bansturbators and bloggers in tag cloud form.

I came across a neat little online app called Tagxedo this evening which creates the tag cloud style images from either web pages or text documents.

Being somewhat bored, I decided to have a go at tag clouding a few articles from The BBC website just to see what condensed bansturbation actually looks like […]


DiHydrogen Monoxide – The Invisible Killer

Having read a little at the DiHydrogen Monoxide Research Division this evening, I am amazed that this stuff hasn’t been banned yet as it causes more deaths than all the other favourites of the bansturbators put together.

A little from the site :


Dihydrogen monoxide is colorless, […]


Eviscerating The Met Office

Christopher Booker has an excellent article in The Telegraph saying exactly what most rational people have been thinking for some time as they freeze their bits off in all this ‘climate change’.

The whole article is well worth a read – here is his conclusion :

The consequences of all this are profound. Those […]


Weak and spineless government.

How spineless can you get?

Announce spending cuts of only £13 million one day and then quickly change your mind a few days later after a bit of shroud waving and outrage from the “charity” that is getting it’s funding chopped :

The government has been accused of performing a partial U-turn over […]


Deathrow’s Christmas message – Black Metal edition

Well, it’s Christmas, so no better time to slap on some corpsepaint and terrorize your elderly neighbours by running around in your backyard screaming at the moon, spewing out blasphemy and being generally unholy in true black metal style.

With that in mind, here are a few tracks to use as the soundtrack for […]


Merry Christmas

Christmas wishes to one and all from The Wasp and the other inhabitants of the nest.

I will leave you with the following alternative Santa image to ponder while you look forward to having your stockings filled this evening.



Bizarre headlines and apt products.

From the BBC this evening, one for the very strange indeed department :

Cheshire man dies in Pyranha Mouldings factory oven

A 54-year-old man has died after becoming trapped in a hot oven at a canoe factory in Cheshire. Alan Catterall, from Murdishaw, was cleaning machinery at Pyranha Mouldings in Runcorn. He was discovered […]

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