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Deathrow’s Metal Sunday part 1.

Welcome to the start of a guest posting series all about metal music from my very good Estonian friend Deathrow, a human encyclopedia of all things metal.

Noisy and obnoxious, that’s how i like my music. Walls of aggressive noise spewing forth from my stereo speaker much to the disdain of my neighbours whom by track number 2 probably have turned into homicidal maniacs…assuming they weren’t homicidal before of course…mmm the lovely effects of metal on people who cant stand it.

And this post is for those people who cant stand the loud guitars, fast rhythms and just consider metal to be fairly untalented, here we´ll dig a little deeper and remove all the noisy instruments and leave the listener to hear the various interesting harmonies being used in a few select tracks so they could perhaps enjoy a little metal too…cause guitars or no guitars…these tracks are all metal to the bone!

A fairly well known band to start this off with…Metallica with their song One.

The track goes through an array of various moods and chord progression which should captivate any person who even slightly likes darker sounding things.


Piano –

Metal –

As the second track we have our Norwegian monsters Dimmu Borgir bringing forth the apocalypse.
The chord progressions and atmosphere on this track are amazing, easily a track that could have been written by some long haired dude a few hundred years ago…but…well it hasn’t yet been a few hundred years.

Dimmu Borgir-Progenies of the Great Apocalypse

Piano –

Metal –

And for the last track this week we have the thrash metal legends Sepultura spewing forth some aggressive riffing and going through some dark moods…and well…this track played without the distorted guitars does sound dark…kinda like something a Bach turned satanist would perhaps have written.

Sepultura-Inquisition Symphony

Cello –

Metal –

See you next week!


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