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Deathrow’s Metal Sunday

Feeling not particularly well (and no this has not been induced by the consumption of industrial amounts of alcohol, for a change) I decided to give my poor braincell a little rest and compile this small selection of bands better known in the local scene here in Estonia.

I really didn’t use any criteria here but just picked 3 tracks – if you want more you can dig more up yourself or await my next installment.

So Here Goes…


To start things off we have the local scene veterans Loits, originally started up as a straight forward black metal act that later evolved into something that sounds slightly different…and this is one of the cases when evolution has overall been a good thing. The band manages to sound fresh and interesting and has avoided becoming a stagnant and boring black metal act.

Metsatöll- Vaid Vaprust

Probably the best known Estonian metal act outside of the country – Metsatöll play folk metal. While they aren’t a bad band, I personally despise folk metal…and you know the saying goes…if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all…and I won’t either.

Horricane-nitro boost turmoil

And finally, here we have one of the most massive sounding bands in the local scene Horricane. They play a catchy breed of death metal which is laced with some keyboards and samples…and truth be told I hate keyboards in extreme metal (with a very few exceptions) so the keyboards for me destroy the bands sound a bit but luckily enough whenever they perform live the keyboards are inaudible and all we get is massive and groovy riffs which get the pit going fast.

That’s all for now – see you next week.

Stay Brutal!

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