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Deathrow’s Christmas message – Black Metal edition

Well, it’s Christmas, so no better time to slap on some corpsepaint and terrorize your elderly neighbours by running around in your backyard screaming at the moon, spewing out blasphemy and being generally unholy in true black metal style.

With that in mind, here are a few tracks to use as the soundtrack for your endeavours.

Belphegor-Bluhtsturm Erotika

To start things off we have Belphegors bluhtstorm erotika. Any track that has blood, storms and erotica in its title is good in my book but in belphegors case its not only the track title thats cool but the music itself is suitably dark and atmospheric and will work fine as a soundtrack to any blood drenched orgies you may decide to have during the Xmas break.

Massemord – Let The World End In Fire

Next we have Massemord(Pol) let the world end in fire. Instead of just spewing out blasphemy in your back yard, you can have a warming fire whilst attempting to bring about the end of the world – Massemord will be the perfect soundtrack for burning down the local church in true Black Metal style.

Katharsis – Kross Fyre

If you have no idea what a black mass complete with naked virgins and blood covered daggers sounds like then Katharsis is the closest you will ever get to finding out. Be careful when listening to this though as odds are by the time the track finishes you will have developed a brain tumor from the sheer intensity of the track or perhaps sacrificed your elderly neighbours young daughter to satan which is definitely a pretty cool option and much more fun than pulling crackers.

Dark Funeral – Arrival of Satans Empire

Now that we have spewed out blasphemy in the backyard, set the local church on fire and sacrificed the neighbour’s daughter’s virginity to Satan, we have reached the point where there is no alternative other than bringing about hell on earth and Dark funeral will assist us in this with this monumental track.

The Arrival Of Satans Empire can be delayed no longer.

Hail Satan to metalheads everywhere!

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