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Eloquent economics

Sean Corrigan’s latest missive (Material Evidence – pdf) on the ills that have befallen the worlds economy starts off with this absolutely brilliant opener which is how I imagine 1984 would read if it had been written by Shakespear :

A few hundred words that for me, capture completely all that is wrong […]


Americans fail at Geography

An amusing one spotted at ZeroHedge demonstrating what everyone long suspected – word geography is not a strong point for Americans :

Exhibit A :

And, to save you the trouble in case you too are a little puzzled, Exhibit B :

I particulary liked the larger bold font for Iran on […]


Kuwait – “Let them eat cake” or at least bribe the population into not rioting.

As a dictator, what exactly do you do to keep your subjects from rioting  when your neighbouring dictator friends are dropping like flies?

Well, if you just happen to have $300 billion or so tucked away from your oil sales to the US you can always try outright bribery dressed up as a gift […]


Friday Humour

The following was over at small dead animals and (after laughing like buggery) I decided it was too good not to share :

Google Commemorative Logos You’ll Never See



The Global Revolution

A great post by Mike Krieger over at ZeroHedge on the growing civil unrest in the world, how food shortages will drive it further and how the fourth turning will change the whole game.

As a taster :

As I have said time and time again, government’s today throughout the world could care less […]


UK net debt now at 154.9% of GDP but why is it missing from the news?

A curious case of ignorance (or possibly deliberate omission) by our main news outlets who, with the exception of The Spectator, seem to have completely missed the ONS announcement (pdf) yesterday that UK public sector net debt now stands at an eye watering 154.9% of GDP with the inclusion of the debts of Lloyds […]


Egyptian riots – Tiananmen Square re-enactment this time with a water cannon!

Spotted in the comments in a ZeroHedge article on the riots in Egypt, the following video (at around 1:23) has a protester standing up to a water cannon completely alone only to get blasted in the face for his temerity.

Very reminiscient of Tiananmen square and the guy with the tank although there is […]


Pictorial Interlude – Aquarium on a motorbike.

An interesting one spotted by my brother last week whilst on his cycle ride to China.

Very enterprising but I would imagine it a bugger to drive with all those fish sloshing about.



More coalition backpeddling on supposed cuts.

Following quickly on from Booktrusts reprieve from the chop (another £13 million to find to plug that little hole), we now have more backpeddling from the Quango execution list :

Ministers have withdrawn 18 bodies from the bill they say will lead to a “bonfire of the quangos”.

Bodies that select judges, draw […]


Daily Telegraph headline puzzles.

Spotted this evening at The Telegraph, a fairly obvious one (I hope) but then again, you never know what they intended to write.

The screengrab below (saved for when the sub-ed finally spots it) shows a new style of journalism whereby the reader has to fill in the missing word or words in the […]


Maths humour for a slow Sunday.

After looking around for something suitable to post about, I finally gave in and settled for a little maths humour (yes it is possible) from xkcd.com

I laughed like a drain when I spotted the tagline at the bottom after reading the cartoon.

This last one is actually very […]


Rockets, space and awesome videos – the Saturn 5

The inevitable follow on from my previous post about the Delta IV launch and Bucko’s comment “There’s something about a rocket launch isn’t there…..”, the video below is one of my all time favourites on the net.

I think it must be the combination of the music and high speed camera visuals that makes […]


Pictorial Interlude – Delta IV Heavy

An amazing photograph of the rocket motors igniting on the Delta IV Heavy which launched from Vandenberg Airforce Base on Friday.



Medicating the children – no wonder the NHS is so expensive.

An amazing article over at The Telegraph (emphasis mine) :

Children given ‘chemical cosh’ drugs for shyness Children are being prescribed mind-altering “chemical cosh” drugs for conditions such as shyness and mild social anxiety, behaviour experts have warned.

Young people are routinely being given medication to treat normal childhood conditions, it was claimed, despite […]


Labour loses it’s chancellor and chooses Balls(up).

Something of a surprise and possibly explaining why Alan Johnson got in a pickle with NI rates a few days ago :

Alan Johnson stands down over claims of a love affair Alan Johnson resigned as shadow chancellor after fewer than four months in the job amid claims that his marriage had broken down. […]

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