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Daily Telegraph headline puzzles.

Spotted this evening at The Telegraph, a fairly obvious one (I hope) but then again, you never know what they intended to write.

The screengrab below (saved for when the sub-ed finally spots it) shows a new style of journalism whereby the reader has to fill in the missing word or words in the headline (subordinate headline here, possibly kicker or whatever the correct term is for those things) :

I had originally highlighted the missing item (or at least where it was missing from) but decided to make it a little harder to spot.

Got it yet?

Yes, falling what exactly?

I would guess currency was the intended word but that would then be a repeat of the main headline so I am guessing it could be something else such as pensioner, seagull, heartrate, hemline or even star (which is the best guess that google will give when you search for ‘a falling’ ).

P.S. If anyone reading knows what the 2nd headline is called could you stick it in a comment please – I am intrigued now.

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