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Is this how wars start?

An interesting little mixture from various sources.

ZeroHedge reporting on a Reuters headline :


While Pravda has the following on Syria’s probably development of Nuclear facilities (last bombed by Israel in 2007) :

It seems that Syria does […]


Test Estonian Category

A little test to see if stealth is working



Compared with Egypt the USA is actually in a bit of a pickle.

ZeroHedge has a monumental guest post on the current state of the USA and after reading it I would not be surprised at all if we see riots there this year.

Some snippets as a taster :

If you think what’s happening in Egypt won’t happen within the United States, you’ve been watching too […]


In the Universe, the Earth is merely a blue speck.

An enjoyable little video demonstrating just how small and insignificant we are when compared to the whole universe, this is one of the best demonstrations of the relative size of planets and stars that I have seen.

The link came from David Thompson’s latest Friday Ephemera which is a brilliantly simple set of links […]


The UK is now the worlds biggest joke.

Following on from the arrest of a man for “making aircraft gestures“, The BBC has the story today that he has actually been charged and will appear before the beak :

A man has been charged by police after a Crawley Town fan was alleged to have mocked the victims of the Munich […]


Philosophical quote of the day.

Whilst I read ZeroHedge everyday for the articles, the comments are themselves often a source of delight as I found out again today with the following quote which could almost be expanded into an article itself :

Carving through the bad feeling I finally realized that what is transpiring about the globe is all of the same ilk, […]


The Middle East, recent history and what to expect next.

ZeroHedge has an excellent guest post up just now entitled “Middle East Chaos: What To Learn And What To Expect” which is well worth having a read through to get a rounded view of the political history of the region.

As a taster, the excerpt below has the story of the UK actions in […]


2014 Winter Olympics to be opened by torching the audience with sunbeams from space.

An interesting, if somewhat lunatic proposal, from Pravda with plans for the Olympic flame to be lit from space using mirrors :

The organizers of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi are going to deliver Olympic torch with fire into the space. The options of implementation are being […]


While the World watches Libya, Greeks protest violently, the Saudi facebook revolution gets started and Koreans empty their bank accounts.

Whilst the mainstream media concentrates on the arab world, remember that people in Greece are still far from happy.

From AP :

Greek riot police engaged in violent clashes with protesters Wednesday, as thousands of people demonstrated against austerity measures aimed at helping the country cope with its large debt crisis.

More than 60,000 […]


Now Saudi Arabia has a go at population bribery and with oil forecast to go to $220 a barrel they can afford it.

Following Kuwaits attempt at calming the masses with outright bribery, FT Alphaville tells us that Saudi Arabia has a go at exactly the same thing :

While many argue that Saudi Arabia and its oil reserves remain in little danger of being rocked by unrest, King Abdullah perhaps disagrees.

Via Al Arabiya, this appears to […]


Health advisers advising against other health advisers advice – you couldn’t make this shit up.

Tenuously related article photograph.

One day we are being hectored and nannied into eating less meat because someone somewhere decided they are entitled to tell us what we may or may not eat  :

Government advisers to recommended lower meat consumption Britons will be told this week to limit their red meat […]


Russian arms dealers do a roaring trade in restocking depleted arabian weapons stocks.

A little snippet from Pravda showing just what the remaining arab state leaders are busy spending their bulging oil dollars on :

Russia’s defense export giant Rosoboronexport concluded several contracts with Arab states within the framework of IDEX-2011 International Defense Exhibition. The deals total $12 billion. According to Viktor Komardin, deputy head of the […]


Ecclestone pulls a blinder to save the Bahrain F1 season opener.

Via ZeroHedge, completely in bad taste but so damned amusing I could not resist :



Engage brain before writing a headline.

Or at least think about what you wrote before displaying it to the world.

In this case, I am pretty sure they meant support service although in Doncaster nothing would surprise me :



The last resort of the ruling dictator – shoot your citizens. Graphic content!

As a dictator, in times of crisis and when all else has failed you resort to your paid enforcers to maintain your position.

The videos below demonstrate this statement rather brutally.

WARNING – disturbing content

Bahrain : _

Libya : _


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