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One for films buffs – The Wilhelm Scream

Via small dead animals, a scream which is almost certain to pop up in one of the next films you see if you know what to listen for :

the Wilhelm Scream. Named after a character in the 1953 film “Charge at Feather River” who screams this panic-stricken, almost girly scream after being struck by an arrow, the audio sample was actually first used in the 1951 film “Distant Drums” by a character who is being killed by an alligator. Over the last sixty years, the scream has been reprised literally hundreds of times, in a host of movies and TV shows; according to some in the industry, it’s a kind of an in-joke and a way to say hello to other technical production crews on other shoots.

The following video compilation demonstrates the original scream and a huge number of its subsequent uses in some very well known films :

I think knowing that it exsts and also what it now sounds like is going to annoy the hell out me when I (most certainly) hear it again.

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