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Does this qualify as a perversion?

One from BBC News that possibly goes beyond the call of science :

Bigger bottoms are definitely better – for swans at least.

Scientists at the UK’s Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust are measuring the size of Bewick’s swans’ behinds, to see if they have the fat reserves to survive their long migration to Arctic Russia.

Takes all sorts it seems.

Imagine describing your normal working day at a dinner party when you are engaged in measuring swan’s behinds.

Purile thoughts aside, it would seem that the BBC web people do have a sense of humour – go and look at the article, right click on one of the swan images and select “save image as…”  and you get the following filename:


Subversive humour at its best.

And, just in case someone does a little selective editing in the mean time, filename capture below :

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