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Saturday Evening Artistic Interlude – 36 Hitchcock films climax simultaneously.

The ever impressive selection that is David Thompson’s Friday Ephemera provides the following video in which 36 Alfred Hitchcock films have been placed in a montage and timed to reach their respective climaxes simultaneously.

The effect is quite entrancing as you are not quite sure where to look at any given moment as your eye catches glimpses of different actions from all the films (including several shots of heaving bosoms which seem to draw the eye for some unknown reason).

The soundtrack itself is an ensemble of all 36 films and whilst somewhat chaotic in the build up, it works surprisingly well at the point when the films climax in unison with a chilling mixture of screams, explosions and gunshots (amongst others).

I would recommend switching to full screen viewing for the best effect – possibly somewhat akin to being a cctv operator observing a riot!

Full film listing and project description here.

Do enjoy.

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