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South Yorkshire Police hunt for Doncaster woman who can crack coconuts between her thighs!

The woman in the following BBC article will either have thighs like Fattima Whitbread or has spent far too long doing reps with her kegel exercise weights (you may wish to skip that link if you are work) :

South Yorkshire Police have released CCTV images of woman believed to have walked out of […]


Amusing brain farts.

Spotting the following article on BBC News, my initial thought was why are they sending Mladic to see our useless, slightly suspect Foreign Secretary for :

At which point I realised which Hague they were referring to.

Damned brain fart!

Then again, the thought of a few hours sharing a hotel room with […]


Central government bribes to restore weekly bin collections.

These were the best ones as you could just set fire to them if they were full before collection day!

Speaking as someone who only puts out the bin when it’s actually full, which can be anywhere from one week to one month, I don’t have much time for the weekly bin […]


F*&$ me pink – Barnsley Police are going to need a lot more fixed penalty notices.

*£80? Gieorr with thee yer soft twat

Having worked in Barnsley for a lengthy period some years ago, I can safely say that they are going to need a metric fuckton of fixed penalty notices in June to complete this initiative :

Swearing in public could result in boisterous people being fined […]


Joplin Tornado before and after – I am glad we only have gales here.

The New Yorks Times has an amazing interactive page featuring before and after panoramic images from Joplin, Missouri which show the unbelievable devastation caused by the tornado that ripped through there last week.

The two images below are a grab from the interactive selection and it is hard to believe that the death toll […]


The start of the end for the Euro?

The Euro Scream – a new take on the Edvard Munch original.

An interesting exercise in compare and contrast with the following articles as The Telegraph suggests all is well in Greece whilst Reuters hints at The IMF refusing the next funding payment due in a few weeks time.

Firstly, The Telegraph […]


Me and The Devil – RIP Gil Scott-Heron

An atmospheric music video for the track “Me and the Devil” by Gil Scott-Heron who sadly died yesterday.

You may have heard the track used in the early trailers for Justified on Five USA.

RIP _ _

In the ruins of another black mans life Or flying through the valley Separating day and night […]


Spanish Riot Police demonstrating state sponsored thuggery.

Whilst the UK media seem determined to completely ignore the ongoing protests in Spain and elsewhere for that matter, the following two videos show exactly what happens when The State decides to send their paid thugs in to deal with the inconvenience of protesting citizens.

If you thought The Met were out of control […]


No way out? Why the British economy is in very deep trouble.

Osborne’s last act as Chancellor?

The post title comes from a strategy note (links to pdf version) written by Dr Tim Morgan at Tullett Prebon which paints a rather different picture of our recent past and future prospects than you will hear from either politicians (of whatever colour) or the MSM.

The […]


85 yo woman fights with dentist over ill fitting dentures then attempts escape through receptionists window.

Somebody, somewhere has one hell of a Grandma :

A central Florida dentist was arrested after he allegedly fought with an 85-year-old patient who was upset her dentures didn’t fit properly, authorities said Wednesday.

Michael Hammonds, 57, faces multiple charges, including false imprisonment, after the Tuesday incident.

The dispute began after Hammonds attempted […]


If you thought MOD procurement was inept, how about South Yorkshire Fire Service?

A broken, half million pound firetruck.

The shenanigans that go on in public service beggar belief sometimes.

Take this article on South Yorkshire Fire Service‘s latest Combined Aerial Rescue Pumps for example :

A fire engine has been sent for repairs only weeks after coming into service in South Yorkshire.

The […]


Obomber and Camoron – according to Pravda at least.

Whilst not directly related to the article below, why is Cameron tickling Merkels bosom and where on earth has Obama put his other hand to surprise Sarkozy like that?

Pravda can usually be relied upon for a somewhat different view of the world than we usually get to see in our tame […]


Joplin Tornado – first hand audio recording as it hits a shelter and all hell breaks loose.

Via small dead animals, the following video has very little in the way of visuals but that makes the audio track all the more powerful in my opinion as the Joplin tornado makes a direct hit on a shop where prople are taking shelter : _ _ I am just thankful we don’t get […]


Why not film yourself falling down a mountain whilst being chased by your own snowmobile?

If you will go trying to ride up the sides of mountains then at least make sure you wear a helmet camera so everyone else can laugh at you when you fall off and tumble all the way back down again : _

Motoneige 0 – Montagne 1 […]


Pictorial Interlude – Grimsvotn Edition

Below are my two favourites from a collection of stunning images of the somewhat more pronouncable Icelandic volcano currently dusting our shores :

(© Gunnar Gestur) […]

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