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Random musings – National Flag of Estonia

Completely random musing of the week…

Estonia’s national flag is a simple design of three equal width horizontal bands in Blue, Black and White from the top.

I had heard it said that the flag represents the familiar winter landscape of the country.

Wiki has the following :

There are a number of interpretations attributed to the colours of the flag. A historical interpretation of the colours has blue representing ancient freedom, black symbolizing lost independence and white, the promise of a brighter future. Another interpretation made popular by the poetry of Martin Lipp is as follows[2]:

  • blue: vaulted blue sky above the native land;
  • black: attachment to the soil of the homeland as well as the fate of Estonians – for centuries black with worries;
  • white: hard work, purity, commitment, and (most likely) white sails of ships

Having spotted the following picture this evening I think the landscape explanation works very well indeed :

Compare with the real thing and decide for yourself :

That is all thankyou.

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