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85 yo woman fights with dentist over ill fitting dentures then attempts escape through receptionists window.

Somebody, somewhere has one hell of a Grandma :

A central Florida dentist was arrested after he allegedly fought with an 85-year-old patient who was upset her dentures didn’t fit properly, authorities said Wednesday.

Michael Hammonds, 57, faces multiple charges, including false imprisonment, after the Tuesday incident.

The dispute began after Hammonds attempted to adjust Virginia Graham’s lower partial dentures, authorities said. She allegedly screamed in pain because it felt like the fake teeth had cut her gum, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office charging affidavit said.

The report said a witness told authorities Graham threw the dentures at Hammonds and told him she didn’t want them. She then tried to grab them from him, but he wouldn’t let go, the report said. During a tug-of-war over the dentures, the woman’s finger got caught on a sharp piece of the denture and bled, the report said.

Graham bit the dentist on the hand and he let go of them, authorities said.

The elderly woman went to leave the office, but Hammonds allegedly blocked her way and continued screaming at her, authorities said. She said she became afraid he might hurt her, the report said.

Graham made one final attempt to leave by trying to climb over the receptionist desk and out the receptionist’s window,” but Hammonds’ assistant helped her down, according to the report.

The deputy observed multiple bruises on Graham’s upper arms and forearms. Hammonds was released on $4,000 bond Tuesday night. A telephone message left at the dental office wasn’t immediately returned, and it wasn’t clear if he had an attorney.

Sometimes you just pray for a video of incidents like these – not often you hear about octogenarians scaling desks and trying to make off through windows.

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