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The European Parliaments answer to the financial crisis – rainbows!

Spotted over at FT Alphaville, this nauseating cartoon directly from the EU itself tells us that “EU institutions had tried to stop them…” and that “it is time to stick to the rules” just as they go about breaking every damned one of them* to keep the show on the road.

They even have […]


Toad meets Beetle, Toad fancies dinner, Beetle eats Toad.

If you happen to see a nice shiny blue Epomis beetle then run like hell … _ _ That is one seriously brutal beetle and it’s a damned messy eater as well.



Obama gets off to a bad start in Ireland by wrecking a brand new GM limo.

Not the best way to start your state visit when your limo grounds itself on the car park exit ramp at Dublin Embassy.

After the first two cars gingerly scrape their way over the exit ramp, listen for the very, very expensive sounding clunk at around 16 seconds as the tour comes to an […]


How to remove dingleberries? Use Fanny Floss of course.

One of the more bizarre lines of personal hygiene products :

Bizarrely, it really does exist as a product as well :

The floss proctologists recommend most.

FANNY FLOSS is a special material that is made to slide easily between even the tightest cheeks without chafing or abrading. Proctologists recommend regular flossing. Flossing […]


Pictorial Interlude – Sunday Humour

A couple of amusing cartoons discovered whilst clicking randomly :



What lists are GPs compiling and what exactly are they being used for?

In a Telegraph article about GPs being paid for telling people that they are fat and referring them to Weight Watchers at tax payers expense there was the following little snippet that got my attention (emphasis mine) :

From next year, GPs will receive a payment for every obese patient they advise to lose […]


Bears, a big dog, a racoon and a pot bellied pig guarding a marijuana plantation equals one corpsing news reader.

This news lady certainly earns her money trying to record an item about a Canadian pot farm and its collection of weird and wonderful guard animals : _ _ There is definitely something infectious about free laughter like that as you just cannot help but laugh along.



Pictorial Interlude – The worlds dumbest hunting dog.

This really has to be the dumbest hunting dog in the whole world :

He’s behind you!



Will the Venezuelan Missile Crisis be the news of 2011?

23rd October 1962 – are we headed for round two?

Via ZeroHedge, could this development in the ongoing US-Iran pissing match be the one that starts the missiles flying? :

A week ago Die Welt reported that, in what may soon be a repeat of the Cuban missile crisis, US arch-enemy Iran, […]


Ramon Parra – famous for being the first person to ever lose their driving licence in Venezuela.

If you are going to be first then you had better make sure you do it in style and what better way than to be caught speeding whilst driving an overloaded bus with one wheel missing :

Ramon Parra, 41, was rapped after being caught speeding while driving an overloaded bus that was missing […]


Drunken man in a boat with a box of sand causes full scale security alert.

I don’t think I have ever seen such a long and varied list of official agencies mentioned in one news articles before – marine police, state police, local police, bomb squad, fire brigade, US Coastguard and a police tactical team.

Add to that closure of local airspace and river navigation and you have quite […]


About as un-PC as you can get and absolutely hilarious.

Spotted by one of The Waspsnest’s Estonian co-conspirators, the following video of The Niggar family has had me laughing like a drain.

Do enjoy : _ _

H/T Rain Tweet


US Centres for Disease Control issues Zombie Apocalypse advice.

Unlike our own Department of Health who get into a state about passive smoking and swine flu, the US CDC is taking no chances in making sure that Americans are informed and prepared with their newly posted Zombie Apocalypse survival guide :

There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can […]


Sloppy reporting from The Telegraph – Viagra can make you deaf.

One of the most amusing Viagra adverts I have seen yet.

From the Health News section of the online Telegraph, the following article demonstrates that even doctors do not bother reading the side effects information provided with every single pack of the drugs :

Viagra could make you deaf, doctors have warned. […]


The world ends on May 21st.

At least according to Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping :

Harold Camping is confident it’s the end of the world as we know it. He’s prophesying the rapture of the Church on May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m.If Camping is right, that gives us less than two days to eat, drink and be merry—and, […]

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