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How to win at sports? Use a “Dildo Sport” strap-on of course.

The ultimate sports enhancing piece of kit which also looks hilarious on the tennis playing lady : _ _ No liability accepted for any keyboard spillages that may occur when you watch it either!

H/T Rain Tweet


Police Bail and the PACE fiasco.

Have Greater Manchester Police made a rod for their own backs in going to court to appeal a ruling which appears to have caught them employing shady practices to get around the provisions of The Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE)?

Reporting the case, The Telegraph goes into frothy mouthed overdrive with a sub-headline […]


What’s happening in Greece this week? Rioting of course and more sales for tear gas manufacturers.

When you need to know what’s happening in the worlds troubled areas, Russia Today can be counted on to show you the ugly bits as in the case of yesterday’s action from Greece on the first day of the general strike : _ _ The police seem quite resigned to trading hand thrown tear […]


Apple flavoured horse jizz – £12 a shot in New Zealand!

Sometimes, the mind just boggles :

A bar in New Zealand has introduced a new stomach-churning addition to its drinks menu – apple flavoured horse semen.

The Green Man Pub in Wellington offers the 30ml shots for a princely sum of £12 – and apparently it’s going down a treat with regulars.

The […]


The MSM wakes up to UK Government authoritarianism 9 months late.

Nice to see The Telegraph working out just how much our government spies on us even if it’s a full 9 months after The Waspsnest said exactly the same thing.

The Telegraph reporting today on the latest release from Google of government data requests :

Google report reveals British government web snooping The private […]


Woman shoots police officer with both barrels. Erm, make that both boobs!

Whilst I have heard the term bazookas used to describe breasts I don’t think I have ever read about them being used to shoot at the police before :

A woman was arrested early Saturday morning after spraying deputies with the Delaware County sheriff’s office with breast milk.

Deputies responded to a domestic violence […]


Can Greece avoid a default? The numbers do not look promising.

A little snippet from a very good SocGen analysis of the possible outcomes ahead for Greece, which is well worth reading in itself, has the following paragraph which sparked my interest (emphasis mine) :

Can Greece ultimately avoid default? The sustainability of Greek public finances depends critically on the snowball effect, i.e. the difference […]


High speed, worm eating snails – I am so glad we don’t have these evil things in the UK.

Apparently from New Zealand, the snail in the video below has a surprising turn of speed when it finds a tasty worm for lunch.

The moment the worm gets eaten is somewhat surprising to say the least and will probably give one or two people mollusc related nightmares : _



A brief History of the Corporation.

An excellent essay at ribbonfarm.com on the history of corproate business and much more is well worth a read even if it’s a monster of a read.

I brief snippet to whet your appetitie :

On 8 June, a Scottish banker named Alexander Fordyce shorted the collapsing Company’s shares in the London markets. But […]


Meet Yoda – the Worlds Ugliest Dog

You have to admit that “Yoda” is not the prettiest pooch in the world but, as in all things American, they have a prize for that :

Yoda’s short tufts of hair, protruding tongue, and long, seemingly hairless legs were enough to earn it the World’s Ugliest Dog title at a Northern California […]


Pictorial Interlude – The International Space Station gets a delivery.

A couple of stunning pictures from a photoset at The Atlantic documenting Endeavours final visit to the ISS.

It’s well worth having a look round at The Atlantic as well as they have some brilliant photosets online including this pre-World War II set with shots from the Spanish Civil War amongst others.


Sky diving ballet

One from David Thompson’s Friday Ephemera (always worth clicking through on, well, Fridays) with Elite sky divers making it look far too easy in the SkyDive Arena in Prague – very impressive result and too good not to share further: _



Cross dressing airline traveller seems to pop up everywhere.

After the article about the cross dressing airline traveller was published, more pictures of our stocking wearing airline friend have appeared and it seems like he is not shy in his choice of travel outfits :

He certainly has a substantial brass neck to wear those outfits in public let alone to […]


Why do government websites cost so much? It’s not their money being spent of course.

How on earth do you spend the thick end of a million pounds on a website that does not actually work?

Easy when you are the Equalities and Human Rights Commision and you are spending someone else’s money it seems :

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission pulled the plug on its website in […]


IMF sovereign debt tools – William Banzai at his best

If you are not familiar with the works of William Banzai, ZeroHedge contributor, then the following is a great example of his style and humour (from this article which also includes a great primer on Greek negotiating styles and techniques) :

The austerity truss as deployed by Osborne looks […]

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