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Friday Humour – Blazing Saddles and The New Sheriff.

Yet more random clicking around the internet lead me to the following clip from Mel Brookes 1974 film Blazing Saddles where the town gets a new sheriff.

I can’t recall the last time I saw the film on TV but if the recent debate about the naming of the dog in the remake of Dambusters is anythign to go by then I would imagine it would be dubbed to buggery if shown on TV now.

Just be careful not to have a mouthful of coffee at the 2 minute mark!


For all that is said abotu YouTube, there are some damned good comments of you are prepared to wade through the dross. The following two from this same video clip are quite thoughtful :

Before I say anything I want to point out that Im not a person against using taboo or divsive subjects but I do want to point out that when this movie was released all the humor in here was not considered at all offensive it was just the way society worked back in 1975, the most controversial scene in the movie is when the old woman is being beaten up and was the only scene that they considered removing because it was offensive

I’m African American, in my early 40s, and have seen this countless times. Mel Brooks really challenged established thinking in all sorts of ways here. A co-worker and I were discussing this movie yesterday. I told him the way I view it is that, instead of hiding subjects considered divisive and taboo, he threw them ALL on the table before the country – and people had to deal with it. If we did this today – with race, sex, religion – and opened the discussions, we would ALL benefit and learn

The last one there would indeed demonstrate a more mature society in my view if people could actually debate issues rather than just scream racist at the drop of a hat.

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