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Russia Today and Nigel Farage give us phrase of the day “Sado Moneterism”

I find that Russia Today is always a breath of fresh air compared to the UK MSM and the following video doesn’t disappoint.

Whatever your opinion of Farage, listen to the interviewers questioning and the content of the debate played out against a background of rioting on the streets of Greece and you have something that will never ever appear on the likes of our bloated state broadcaster.

Best of all, a new phrase for our time “Sado Moneterism” – long may it live :

To sum up where the EU leadership is right now in its dealings with Greece I think the following ZeroHedge photograph captures it perfectly :

As an aside, the video above was in amongst the comments on this post by Mike Krieger at ZeroHedge who discusses the possibility that the current crisis will result in “peak government” or the future decline in the size of the state due to a monumental failure of their attempts to prop up the current fiat currency global financial system – the article itself is well worth reading in full.

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