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Birthday spankings at school – police find no wrongdoing.

Imagine the Dail Mail take on this if it was the UK and not the USA :

An elementary school principal in eastern Iowa who admitted to spanking students on their birthday has resigned.

KGAN-TV reports Washington Elementary principal Terry Eisenbarth submitted his resignation Friday night as the Mount Vernon Community Schools board was considering his fate with the district.

Parents complained after learning Eisenbarth would call students to his office on their birthday for spankings.

Eisenbarth admitted to the spankings in a May letter to parents and provided a photo of the padded stick he used to give the spankings.

Mount Vernon police investigated but found no wrongdoing. The Linn County sheriff’s office is still looking into the spankings.

Rigorous spanking investigations and the proclivities of school principals  aside, for some reason, pictures of said padded stick seem hard to find …

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