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What do you do if you have a troublesome fish hook stuck in your buttocks? Fire your gun into your appartment ceiling to attract the police of course.

Could it have been one of these little beauties I wonder?

After reading this little snippet from Frederick Police Department, I really want to know just how you get a fish hook stuck in your buttocks in your own appartment :

On today’s date at approximately 0926 hrs. OFC. Robert Pierce responded to a noise complaint in the 200 block of E. Patrick St. in Frederick, MD.

Upon arrival he was contacted by a complainant. The complainant advised that a subject living in a rear apartment had been making a lot of noise for the last several hours.

OFC. Pierce went to the rear entrance of the apartment in question and knocked on the door several times. A W/M subject walked toward the door through the apartment in a suspicious manner with his hand by his side.

When he opened the door he told OFC. Pierce he had been hiding in the closet for several hours and had a fish hook imbedded in his buttocks.

He also stated he was glad the police were there because he had discharged several gunshots inside the apartment to attract the police to come to the residence.

OFC. Pierce, concerned for his safety, placed the subject in handcuffs pending the arrival of backup units.

Once the scene was secure evidence of multiple gunshots having been fired inside the apartment was located. One round exited the residence through a side window, lodging in the brick wall of an adjacent building. No one was injured by the gunfire.

A loaded .45 caliber semi auto pistol was located inside the residence.

The subject was transported to FMH for an emergency evaluation. Criminal charges are pending at this time.

More to the point, why not remove the damned thing instead of firing shots into your walls and windows?

As the Yorkshire saying goes, there’s nowt as queer as folk!

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