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So it was to relieve the constipation? Right ….

Just when you thought you had either seen or heard everything then along comes a story so bizarre that you start to wonder if there is anything left in the world that hasn’t been tried before somewhere :

Man inserts milk bottle up his bottom ‘to relieve constipation’ Doctors have released an x-ray image […]


Joke of the day

Lame but amusing :

H/T Rain Tweet


A modern example of hyperinflation.

An excerpt from a piece at ZeroHedge on the currency buggerations that happened in the early 1990’s in Yugoslavia really brings home what must be a very difficult and also seemingly absurd time to live through. Pay attention to the exchange rates and dates given and have a good think about how your wages […]


Five car pile up in Monaco – £700,000 of cars involved.

An amusing tale from The Daily Mail that could only happen in Monaco :

When in Monte Carlo, everything is done in style. And that includes crashing your car.

This was the moment when a woman driver caused a £700,000 five-car pile-up as her Bentley  collided with a Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin.



Pictorial Interlude – Grandma Superhero

The following photo (from a full photoset here) shows how people can just enjoy being themselves whatever age they may be :

Her grandson initially thought of the idea after finding his grandmother depressed and the full photoset looks as though she had a damned good time playing superhero :

A few years […]


A pictorial history of failed fiat currencies.

The posterchild for what happens when your government soundly buggers the national currency.

For one possible outcome for the US dollar and, maybe even the UK pound if the money printers get their way again, Casey Research has a nice selection of hyperinflation aflicted banknotes from the many nations around the world […]


The depressing banality of life in the UK.

After three weeks totally away from the news, the trivial and dumbed down nature of UK news and politics is quite apparent and possibly even more so than I thought whilst being immersed in it for so long. It really is amazing, to me at least,  how a break can change your viewpoint so […]


Visualising US debt

From WTFnoway.com, a great visual way of showing the enormously large number that is the $14.5 trillion in current US debts.

The image below is drawn to scale with double stacked standard pallets each containing $100,000,000 :

Go and have a look at the link above for the full […]


A headline you really couldn’t make up.

One of the most bizarre I have read after the hamster murdering family from New York :

Owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy

He wasn’t into mild S&M either judging by the description in the article :

Sam Mazzola, 49, was found dead in his Columbia Station home on Sunday, […]


Doctors finally discover something good about Stoke.

Something I would never have expected to read in The Telegraph is that medical researchers at Stanford University have discovered a drug in Stoke that can be used to treat stroke related brain injuries up to 12 hours after the attack.

The exact drug is not named in the article but being Stoke I […]


All good things come to an end …

And … I return.

Three whole weeks of a deliberately newsless existence has made a very refreshing change from reading the usual UK, dumbed down news bollocks.

One final day of low blood pressure bliss and I will return to the fray tomorrow.



Waspsnest Summer Tour

As it’s time again for my Summer visit to Estonia posting may be a little sporadic for the next three weeks and possibly non-existent for a few days due an unfortunate internet router death at my friends appartment.

Please feel free to have a root around amongst some of the 900+ posts using the […]


Emergency Legislation on the way to allow sloppy policing.

As I suspected yesterday on the issue of the police use of bail as an illegal way of moulding the time limits on custody to suit their own inept investigation techniques, Police Minister Nick Herbert today promises emegency legislation to help out the state enforcers in their efforts to abuse the custody process to […]

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