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The USA 25 years ago and today …

Well it tickled me :



The achievements of President G.W. Bush

Bugger all really…



Word of the day – uniboob

From the surgeons interview quote below, I assume that uniboob is actually quite common in plastic surgery circles :

The procedure was supposed to be simple — swap out a pair of leaking breast implants for a brand new set. But for Dinora Rodriguez, a 40-year-old stay-at-home mom from Los Angeles, this simple cosmetic […]


Japanese Tsunami filmed from inside a car

An interesting change from all the other Tsunami videos, this one shot from a car mounted camera : _ _

Via Infectious Greed



This economic crisis is like a cancer …

The following video (via ZeroHedge) is a segment from this morning’s BBC news where the presenters get a rather more candid assessment of the current economic balls up than they bargained for :

This economic crisis is like a cancer, if you just wait and wait hoping it is going to go away, just […]


Where white man went wrong …

Whilst still elsewhere (in both body and mind), the following tickled me :

H/T – Rain Tweet


Amazingly expensive “green” jobs.

Having heard a lot of hot air from our very own Huhne about the vast numbers of new jobs that will be created by taxing the buggery out of energy consumers to fund a green employment utopia, I hope the end result will be somewhat better than the US experience where each new job […]


Merkel’s Euro Contagion Band

Whilst still be occupied elsewhere, the following William Banzai illustration (in the style of one Sgt Pepper album) caught my eye and it sums up the current Euro shambles very well :

I am still trying to work out what the large creature in the red dress next to Van Rumpy Pumpy is […]


America in 2001 and today

An interesting reminder of why the world is half buggered today from Laura Ingraham with these stats from the USA :

# of People Employed in August 2001: 132 million # of People Employed in August 2011: 131.1 million

Unemployment rate, August 2001: 4.9% (the highest in 4-years at that time) Unemployment rate, August […]


Blackbeard Brand Rugged Tampons

It made me laugh a lot anyway (especially the two straplines) :

And another little Fox News balls up that was spotted whilst randomly clicking :

I have heard of water being dropped onto fires but never whole houses – effective if messy I suppose.

H/T – Rain […]


PIIGS mutate into BIG PIS

Headline idea courtesy of Zerohedge as Belgium looks like joining the ranks of the overstretched sovereigns :

Just when we thought the world was running out of headlines, here come something that will send futures scurrying for even more safety. According to Belgian Nieuwsblad, the CEO of Belgium’s biggest bank has just resigned. As […]


Having beer trouble? Here is a handy troubleshooting guide …

The following guide should just about cover every eventuality when it comes to beer related problems and having it printed on beermats in the pub would be far more useful than the righteous nonsense spotted last weekend : H/T – Rain



3000 pairs of ladies undergarments appear in Ohio

Whilst spotting the odd pair of underwear along a roadside is not that unusual, how about 3000 pairs? :

There’s a pretty big panty mystery playing out in central Ohio. Three thousand pairs big.

According to reports, women’s panties ranging from lacy to cartoon print where found strewn along a road side and hanging […]


Cats being cruel ..

Further proof that cats are minions of the devil (and all the better for it) : _ _

I am left wondering what breed the mini lion type thing actually is.



With a name like this I can’t see them selling much cologne!

One from the wtf department :

Or maybe it’s supposed to be taken literally – just what you need to freshen up after a long day on the camel.

H/T – Rain Tweet

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