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Video Interlude – Do you have a dirty mind? Brilliant ilustrator at work…

You don’t actually need a dirty mind with these drawings which always start off with something obviously smutty, you just need to have fun guessing what the guy is actually going to turn dicks and naked ladies into.

As one of the Youtube comments says :

How the fuck am I supposed to not […]


Government saying one thing and doing another – increasing the cost of paying HMRC by credit card.

Just before Christmas a huge amount of press space was dedicated to the Government’s announcement that “excessive credit card charges” would be made illegal by the end of 2012 :

Excessive card surcharges will be banned, says Treasury

“Excessive” fees for using a debit or credit card to buy items such as […]


Pictorial Interlude – calming views for a stressful day.

Damned work interfering with life, the universe and everything else non-work related … anyway, enjoy these soothing (and stunning) views :



Pictorial Interlude – Amazing architecture, Yoda the Squirrel and a racist tree.

A rather impressive house in China of all places :

Yoda lives on in the body of a Red Squirrel :

And an interesting little tale with parallels to life in the EU :



Video Interlude – Christians against Masturbation … really.

Christian baiting seems much more fun than masturbating … the final line is a side splitter! _ _


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