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Doublethink is alive and well at the Department of the Environment.

Doublethink according to Orwell in 1984 :

The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for […]


Pictorial Interlude – Books that make you wonder what the publisher was thinking …

An amusing collection that would certainly be a talking point at dinner parties … assuming your guests actually stayed that long after seeing some of these :



BBC bias on GDP revison news.

Gratuitous Balls picture if only because it’s so amusing …

An interesting and somewhat confused article from our beloved state broadcaster on today’s downward revision of the first quarter GDP figures where they can’t quite decide which is the real story so seemingly cover all bases and then ignore one point in […]


A fascinating video showing 1000 years of European history in 3 minutes.

Spotted at ZeroHedge, the following video demands several viewings if only to see everything going on in various parts of Europe as empires ebb and flow. One particularly impressive moment in the video is when Germany becomes a unified country rather than a myriad small states and then suddenly explodes to colour the whole […]


William Banzai on The Merkel Bomb and a warm EU welcome to Msr. Hollande …

William Banzai, ZeroHedge’s (un)official illustrator, gives more of his surreal treatment to Merkel and Hollande with these two brilliant pieces of satire :

Quite apt I think –  from The Godfather.



The effects of pure evil on teddy bears …

The following one made me laugh like a drain (click image to see full size version) :

I particularly like the quote in the notes on the right hand side :

Subject was then euthanised with a sustained burst of automatic weapons fire.

Dangerous things these pure evil teddies!



The long and dangerous slippery slope to the bottom …

Via ZeroHedge, an interesting snippet from a recent performance of The Wall in Los Angeles with Roger Waters getting political :

 At one point, Waters paused his set and began telling the audience about Jean Charles de Menezes, a 27-year old Brazilian national who was shot *8-times* by British police several years ago at […]


Pictorial Interlude – crude edition – lube for robots, Jesus in judgement day, shaved beaver and a rectal alarm system …

A few of the smuttier ones that Mr Raccoon has discovered lately.

Robots need love too :

Jesus in fine form :

One worthy of Leslie Nielson :

And finally, one of the strangest ideas I have seen yet which is probably effective if you don’t roll over in your sleep […]


Mark Grant on Greece – get the right sunglasses ..

For a much more informative view on Greece, Spain and Europe in general than you will find in any of our MSM, look no further than Mark Grant writing at ZeroHedge where he finishes with this excellent quote :

If Greece defaults on its debts it is a $1.3 trillion dollar number, forget the […]


Video Interlude – when parking your shiny new cargo ship, just remember that stopping takes quite a long time …

… unless that is you ram it right into another parked ship followed quickly by the quayside :




How many consultations does the government need to implement a rule already imposed by the EU on food labelling?

A BBC article yesterday announces a consultation on food labelling :

Food manufacturers, supermarkets and health experts are to be asked their views on the best way to label the nutritional content of food.

There have been long-running battles over how to label the amount of fat, sugar, salt and calories in food […]


Pictorial Interlude – Spot the odd one out …

Not the most difficult ever but it does make you wonder wtf :




Pictorial Interlude – Ever wondered how they test new toilet designs? Enter the stool machine!

Want to test your new toilet bowl design?

You obviously need a stool producing machine :

Those look a little tame – I wonder if they produce a model that puts out unflushables and bog monsters as well?



Pictorial Interlude – blowing soap bubbles for the kids turns X-rated …

What could possibly go wrong with a few simple soap bubbles to amuse the kids …

What a whopper!



German Farm Girls 2012 Calendar

After last years racy selection, this years offering seems a little timid, especially as Miss October is, sadly, nowhere to be seen with her shotgun and hunting dog.

Nevertheless, here is a brief selection with the full set available for viewing here :

Miss January seems surprisingly au fait with holding […]

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