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WTF are “Industrial beauty products”?

The art of applying industrial cosmetics in Sheffield.

An amusing snippet in the local section of BBC News (emphasis mine) :

A parcel that caused an emergency alert at a Sheffield mail sorting office contained beauty products, police have confirmed.

Emergency crews were called to the Royal Mail office in Barnsley Road after a worker was affected by fumes after handling the parcel.

Nearby properties were evacuated as four fire engines attended the incident.

South Yorkshire Police said the parcel contained “industrial beauty products”.

In a statement, South Yorkshire Police said the incident was not now being treated as suspicious and it had not posed a “threat to the public”.

The first image that came to mind was a row of rough skinned steel workers eagerly awaiting delivery of their latest handcream and moisturiser samples.

I then remember exactly which bit of Sheffield this referred to and having been around that area a few times, I really can understand why industrial beauty products would be needed there.

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