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Wasp Summer Tour of Europe …

And it is that time of year again where I flap my little wings and bugger off to Estonia again for a nice three week break and some decent weather at last.

It also gives me an opportunity to wind up the cashiers at WH Smiths in Manchester Airport again when their demands to see my boarding pass whilst buying a newspaper will be met with a very firm “no” and my response to the follow up  question of where I am flying to will be “none of your business”. It still amazes me though how many other people in the queue root around in their bags looking for their passes because the sign on the wall tells you to have them ready at the checkout – what a compliant little herd of sheep we have turned into.

Anyway, posting will most likely either be chaotic or rather quiet but I will do my best assuming I don’t fall into a beer bottle again.

I will leave you with a picture from last Summer which has a glimpse of the extremely impressive  Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Tallinn’s Old Town taken from the park behind :

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