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When a BBC headline looks more exciting than it actually is …

The following headline on the BBC News landing page caught my eye in a “what on earth will they research next” kind of way (honestly!) :

BBC teaserOnly to be somewhat disappointed by the actual article :

Scientists say they have published the most detailed brain scans “the world has ever seen” as part of a project to understand how the organ works.

The aim of the project is to determine how a person’s brain structure influences their talents and behaviour.

Researchers involved in the so called Human Connectome Project have published the scans of 68 adults in the study.

They eventually hope to scan 1,200 people and also collect details of their behavioural traits and DNA.

The information is made freely available to neuroscientists in their quest to unlock the secrets of the human brain.

Damn that unfortunate headline truncation!

Amusingly, it would appear that I am not the only one who clicked expecting some altogether different scans :

bbc popular

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