Words that do not belong together …

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Bizarre News, Just plain weird, Laugh? I pissed myself, Wasp likes these, Well I never.

Sitting here in Tallinn enjoying some much needed rest I was flicking through BBC News to see if anything was happening in the world when I cam across one of those headlines that makes a jarring sound in your head when you read it because some words just do not belong together in a headline :

Teachers rampage against reforms in Guerrero state, Mexico

Come on now – teachers and rampage in the same sentence with the teachers doing the rampaging rather than an acne encrusted armed lunatic as is usually the case when those two words are found near each other in a headline. My brain immediately offered visions of a jostling horde dressed in corduroy, worn brown shoes and jackets with elbow patches but it would seem that Mexican teachers are not like those of my school years :

Teachers incensed by sweeping education reforms have attacked the buildings of political parties in Mexico’s south-western Guerrero state.

For several hours, masked protesters started fires and attacked the offices with pickaxes and sticks, spraying slogans on the walls.

The state governor has called for support from the federal government.

The reforms impose centralised teacher assessment and seek to end corrupt practices in the education system.

Those practices include the buying and selling of teaching positions.

I would imagine the lessons are worth attending there!