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“42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot”- Unknown

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Italian State Police Lamborghini Gallardo – just don’t laugh too hard now …

After getting to the end of the photo strip, the only thing I could think of (whilst trying not to laugh like a drain) was the line from The Blues Brothers – Does the cigarette lighter (still) work?




Greece demonstrating the wrong kind of democracy.

Via ZeroHedge, a very salient point regarding our wonderful leaders and their views on democracy :

If a leader in the Middle East finally gave into months of protest and decided to give the people a real say on an important issue, the Western leaders would be rejoicing. Obama would have a podium and […]


Deficit reduction plans that should be happening here …

From a summary of Italy’s proposals for getting their finances under control, one little highlight that was never even mentioned on these shores :

A reduction the “cost of politics” resulting in a halving of elected officials and around 55,000 fewer positions in the apparatus of central and local government. However, Berlusconi did not […]


Russia Today and Nigel Farage give us phrase of the day “Sado Moneterism”

I find that Russia Today is always a breath of fresh air compared to the UK MSM and the following video doesn’t disappoint.

Whatever your opinion of Farage, listen to the interviewers questioning and the content of the debate played out against a background of rioting on the streets of Greece and you have […]


One statistic that demonstrates why the UK has got to do something about welfare payments.

From a Telegraph article, the following figures even after Labour created a few million non-jobs in the ever growing field of prodnoses are an indication to me that not working is the easy option :

The number of homes in which no one has ever had a job rose sharply from 184,000 in the […]


Me and The Devil – RIP Gil Scott-Heron

An atmospheric music video for the track “Me and the Devil” by Gil Scott-Heron who sadly died yesterday.

You may have heard the track used in the early trailers for Justified on Five USA.

RIP _ _

In the ruins of another black mans life Or flying through the valley Separating day and night […]


No way out? Why the British economy is in very deep trouble.

Osborne’s last act as Chancellor?

The post title comes from a strategy note (links to pdf version) written by Dr Tim Morgan at Tullett Prebon which paints a rather different picture of our recent past and future prospects than you will hear from either politicians (of whatever colour) or the MSM.

The […]


If you thought MOD procurement was inept, how about South Yorkshire Fire Service?

A broken, half million pound firetruck.

The shenanigans that go on in public service beggar belief sometimes.

Take this article on South Yorkshire Fire Service‘s latest Combined Aerial Rescue Pumps for example :

A fire engine has been sent for repairs only weeks after coming into service in South Yorkshire.

The […]


Obama gets off to a bad start in Ireland by wrecking a brand new GM limo.

Not the best way to start your state visit when your limo grounds itself on the car park exit ramp at Dublin Embassy.

After the first two cars gingerly scrape their way over the exit ramp, listen for the very, very expensive sounding clunk at around 16 seconds as the tour comes to an […]


Where is the Protection of Freedoms Bill?

A news article on today’s The Supreme Court ruling that the current ACPO DNA retention guidelines are unlawful mentioned in passing that legislation on the retention of DNA was going to be part of the Protection of Freedoms Bill.

I had actualy forgotten about that particular Bill as it seems to have been such […]


US Congress discusses new Worldwide War powers – for ten minutes in the middle of the night.

Via the US ACLU, it seems that the US congress is about as useful as our bunch of troughing thieves when they spend all of ten minutes in the middle of the night discussing new powers to authorise worldwide war :

As we blogged last week, a hugely important provision for Congress to authorize […]


Remember Fukushima? Reactor four building now starting to fall over.

Reactor one in relatively unbuggered condition!

With the MSM having the attention span of a 3 year old high on fizzy drinks, it is hardly surprising that Fukushima related news has disappeared from our view.

Unfortunately, the real story seems to be taking a turn for the downright buggered as Japan confirms […]


UK police now acting like the Gestapo.


Your papers please!

Presented with little comment as I am more or less speechless at this crap but first, an apt quote :

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” — George Washington

From the BBC, the kind […]


Travelling Wasps

My two week escape from the misery that is the UK has once again passed by all too quickly so I have a full day of playing the airport cattle game via Copenhagen.

Fortunately, I only have around 80 days to wait until my next visit to the land of £2 per pack cigarettes […]


Why are cigarettes less dangerous in Estonia?

Being one of the filthy smoker underclass in the UK, I was amused to find out that Estonian cigarettes are far less dangerous than their UK equivalents or at least you would think so from the health warnings on the packets :

The translation being “Smoking may kill”.

Somewhat different I think you […]

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