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William Banzai on The Merkel Bomb and a warm EU welcome to Msr. Hollande …

William Banzai, ZeroHedge’s (un)official illustrator, gives more of his surreal treatment to Merkel and Hollande with these two brilliant pieces of satire :

Quite apt I think –  from The Godfather.



Mark Grant on Greece – get the right sunglasses ..

For a much more informative view on Greece, Spain and Europe in general than you will find in any of our MSM, look no further than Mark Grant writing at ZeroHedge where he finishes with this excellent quote :

If Greece defaults on its debts it is a $1.3 trillion dollar number, forget the […]


How many consultations does the government need to implement a rule already imposed by the EU on food labelling?

A BBC article yesterday announces a consultation on food labelling :

Food manufacturers, supermarkets and health experts are to be asked their views on the best way to label the nutritional content of food.

There have been long-running battles over how to label the amount of fat, sugar, salt and calories in food […]


Cash machines begin collecting for Hate Week from this Summer.

More badgering and nudging from our beloved masters who seem to be more interested in their pet hobbies than getting on with government :

More than 12,000 cash machines in the UK are set to allow charitable donations from this summer, the government has announced.

Royal Bank of Scotland cash machines and […]


The Maastricht Treaty as a suicide pact …

An interesting interview with Steve Keen on Europe with a few choice quotes and his view of where it’s heading and a potential way out for Ireland :

Ultimately the Euro has to fail and the longer we continue the farce of believing we can make it function the larger the ultimate crash will […]


Does Cameron have a secret deal with the EU to get his alcohol strategy off the ground?

Ban it! Ban it all! You are not trusted to make the ‘right’ choices.

Whilst Cameron’s ramblings have been covered at length, I have not seen is anything on why exactly he seems to be so sure that the minimum pricing initiative will not get kicked out when it gets to […]


Ignoring the usual tired old rubbish there are actually one or two real gems hiding in online comments (as well as Spain telling the EU to STFU).

Whilst reading my way down the comments to an Evans-Pritchard piece on Spain growing a pair and making a “sovereign decision” to tell the EU where to stick it’s austerity demands, I came across the following comment which was part of an exchange between English and German readers :

Ah, methinks the Herr doth […]


Pictorial Interlude – Strange “penis oil”, how fights start (allegedly) and Greece vs Estonia compare and contrast.

Another one of those “just when you thought you had seen everything” moments :

A novel way to start a fight :

And finally, a little compare and contrast with Greece vs Estonia :

I think the unemployment figures may be a little out of date there but the point still […]


Government saying one thing and doing another – increasing the cost of paying HMRC by credit card.

Just before Christmas a huge amount of press space was dedicated to the Government’s announcement that “excessive credit card charges” would be made illegal by the end of 2012 :

Excessive card surcharges will be banned, says Treasury

“Excessive” fees for using a debit or credit card to buy items such as […]


The Government is beginning to enjoy this retrospective legislation lark.

I previously wrote about retrospective legislation when Labour were busy wringing the last drops of blood out of the bond market to fund state largesse :

Our current government seems to be getting quite keen on using retrospective legislation; that is, legislation which makes something which was legal at the time now illegal […]


A new idea from Greece – the negative salary where you pay to have a job.

The details of the EU driven raping of Greece to save the European banks reveal some interesting consequences as in this from ZeroHedge :

Salary cutbacks (called “unified payroll”) for contract workers at the public sector set to be finalized today. Cuts to be valid retroactively since november 2011. Expected result: Up to […]


Is a US-Iran war inevitable?

There is a lot of prodding and poking of Iran from all sides these days and the MSM is not a very good guide, what with all the recycled government propaganda, but at least we are free to read excellent opinion from outside and make our own minds up as is the case with […]


Economists and Einstein

Amongst the comments on a very readable ZeroHedge article on the future of Greece and the somewhat underhand Germans (the video of the German Finance Minister in the article demonstrating that it is indeed all politics) comes this little gem :

Einstein dies and goes to heaven only to be informed that his room […]


Italian State Police Lamborghini Gallardo – just don’t laugh too hard now …

After getting to the end of the photo strip, the only thing I could think of (whilst trying not to laugh like a drain) was the line from The Blues Brothers – Does the cigarette lighter (still) work?




Coming out of Iran soon – the Russian Navy P-270 Sunburn

In amongst a very interesting article over at ZeroHedge on what may play out soon enough in the Straights of Hormuz, the following video caught my attention due to the novel launch control manoever shown around 00:15 to 00:20 – pretty neat I think. _ _ I just wish I had chosen Aeronautical engineering […]

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