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Pope sued in Germany after recent visit – for not wearing a seatbelt in his popemobile.

Nice try I think but I am sure either diplomatic immunity or divine intervention will save him from a fine …



A damned good reason to ban cigarettes …



Cat got your balls?




Having beer trouble? Here is a handy troubleshooting guide …

The following guide should just about cover every eventuality when it comes to beer related problems and having it printed on beermats in the pub would be far more useful than the righteous nonsense spotted last weekend : H/T – Rain



What do you do if you have a troublesome fish hook stuck in your buttocks? Fire your gun into your appartment ceiling to attract the police of course.

Could it have been one of these little beauties I wonder?

After reading this little snippet from Frederick Police Department, I really want to know just how you get a fish hook stuck in your buttocks in your own appartment :

On today’s date at approximately 0926 hrs. OFC. Robert Pierce responded […]


Ramon Parra – famous for being the first person to ever lose their driving licence in Venezuela.

If you are going to be first then you had better make sure you do it in style and what better way than to be caught speeding whilst driving an overloaded bus with one wheel missing :

Ramon Parra, 41, was rapped after being caught speeding while driving an overloaded bus that was missing […]


10 Downing Street sending out fake letters for 6 years in the interests of “security”

Not very sincere when you do not exist “Mrs. Adams”

An interesting revelation today that 10 Downing Street has been sending out fake correspondence for the last 6 years under the guise of Health and Safety :

Downing Street has told the BBC it uses false names on letters to […]


One dead rat, one dead person and five in hospital.

Even more bizarre news with a damned amusing quote as a kicker :

One person was killed and five others injured after a rat caused a car crash in Miami Sunday night, authorities said.

The bizarre incident happened just after midnight in the area of North Miami Avenue and 29th Street when the rat […]


Picnic in Kosovo – bring your own ammo!

Spotted by one of The Waspsnest’s Estonian co-conspirators (tere jälla Rain), when invited to a picnic in Kosovo you need to worry about your choice of ammunition rather than red or white when you accept : _ _ I just wonder what the neighbours think when the bullets eventually make it back to earth.



A case of self immolation on a UK train perhaps?

Bizarre UK transport news from the BBC :

A woman has died after a fire broke out on a train travelling from Northampton to London.

The blaze is believed to have started in a toilet on the London Midland railways train at about 1705 BST on Monday.

The train stopped at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, […]


Fukushima radiation monitoring equipment goes off scale.

From NHK, pity the poor buggers doing their best to prevent further calamity at the crippled nuclear plants in Japan :

Plant radiation monitor says levels immeasurable

A radiation monitor at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says workers there are exposed to immeasurable levels of radiation.

The monitor told NHK that no […]


Why are cigarettes less dangerous in Estonia?

Being one of the filthy smoker underclass in the UK, I was amused to find out that Estonian cigarettes are far less dangerous than their UK equivalents or at least you would think so from the health warnings on the packets :

The translation being “Smoking may kill”.

Somewhat different I think you […]


Amazing self-mincing bird mincer.

Spotted over at Watts Up With That, the following video shows what happens when the brake fails on a large wind turbine during a gale : _

Who said these things were useless? I would class that as quality entertainment with additional marks for the gunshot like sound when the blades finally slap […]


Health and Safety UK vs Estonia – Compare and contrast

After my last visit to Estonia I wrote about swimming in open waters to demonstrate the difference in attitude to Health and Safety in Estonia when compared to the UK (go have a quick look at the linked article to educate yourself on the finer points of drunken swimming).

Estonians generally tend to take […]


Philip Hammond removes the right to independent evidence testing in drink drive cases.

An interesting report from The Telegraph on the results of the governments review of drink driving legislation which removes a suspects rights to independent verification of their positive breath test :

Drink drivers lose right to demand blood tests Motorists who are marginally over the limit are to lose the right to demand a […]

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