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Remember Fukushima? Fire, explosions and criticality in the fuel pool at reactor 4 caught on video.

Whilst the MSM has long forgotten Fukushima, the following video and commentary from Hawaii News Daily shows just how little Tepco has achieved in bringing the damaged plant under control.

The timeline commentary below the video gives you a few pointers as to what you are seeing – most of the events up to […]


Remember The Independent’s “snow will be a thing of the past by 2010”? Well, here is a warmist’s prediction that global warming will more than compensate for a mini Ice Age.

December 8th 2010 – no snow here – move along now

Remember the Independent article from 2000 predicting that UK winter snowfalls would be a thing of the past within ten years?

Well, here is a quote from another warmist regarding the possible arrival of a mini Ice Age caused by a […]


Pictorial Interlude – A bikini with solar panels to charge your iPod.

A rather interesting photo from a Pravda photoset showcasing the latest in Summer wear for ladies – a bikini covered in tiny solar panels to charge iPods, phones and any other electronic gadgets you just have to use on the beach :

A little background from ecouterre :

Brooklyn-based designer Andrew Schneider is […]


Pictorial Interlude – The wonders of China by little Wasp

Your host’s brother is currently on an extended cycling tour from Thailand (where he has worked for the last 4 years) into rural China and probably beyond knowing him.

Having read his cycling blog many times, I wanted to highlight some of the many wonderful phtographs he has captured on his tour. If you […]


Joplin Tornado before and after – I am glad we only have gales here.

The New Yorks Times has an amazing interactive page featuring before and after panoramic images from Joplin, Missouri which show the unbelievable devastation caused by the tornado that ripped through there last week.

The two images below are a grab from the interactive selection and it is hard to believe that the death toll […]


Joplin Tornado – first hand audio recording as it hits a shelter and all hell breaks loose.

Via small dead animals, the following video has very little in the way of visuals but that makes the audio track all the more powerful in my opinion as the Joplin tornado makes a direct hit on a shop where prople are taking shelter : _ _ I am just thankful we don’t get […]


Pictorial Interlude – Grimsvotn Edition

Below are my two favourites from a collection of stunning images of the somewhat more pronouncable Icelandic volcano currently dusting our shores :

(© Gunnar Gestur) […]


Toad meets Beetle, Toad fancies dinner, Beetle eats Toad.

If you happen to see a nice shiny blue Epomis beetle then run like hell … _ _ That is one seriously brutal beetle and it’s a damned messy eater as well.



Remember Fukushima? Reactor four building now starting to fall over.

Reactor one in relatively unbuggered condition!

With the MSM having the attention span of a 3 year old high on fizzy drinks, it is hardly surprising that Fukushima related news has disappeared from our view.

Unfortunately, the real story seems to be taking a turn for the downright buggered as Japan confirms […]


Huhne – You will install insulation in your private property or else!

Scribbling back in March on the “green deal” plan to create more jobs than there are people to fill them (or something similarly deluded), I suggested that those jobs would not last very long at all without some form of compulsion :

Not a very long lived green economy in my view but […]


Another tsunami video that has to be seen to be believed.

I thought I was surprised when watching this one but the following video from Infectious Greed shows a surreal scene as the tsunami struck the Sendai airport turning a dry runway into a rather bizarre transportation related version of the Generation Game conveyor belt (cuddly toy, fondue set, helicopter, light aircraft …) : _ […]


Fukushima radiation monitoring equipment goes off scale.

From NHK, pity the poor buggers doing their best to prevent further calamity at the crippled nuclear plants in Japan :

Plant radiation monitor says levels immeasurable

A radiation monitor at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says workers there are exposed to immeasurable levels of radiation.

The monitor told NHK that no […]


Why are cigarettes less dangerous in Estonia?

Being one of the filthy smoker underclass in the UK, I was amused to find out that Estonian cigarettes are far less dangerous than their UK equivalents or at least you would think so from the health warnings on the packets :

The translation being “Smoking may kill”.

Somewhat different I think you […]


Amazing self-mincing bird mincer.

Spotted over at Watts Up With That, the following video shows what happens when the brake fails on a large wind turbine during a gale : _

Who said these things were useless? I would class that as quality entertainment with additional marks for the gunshot like sound when the blades finally slap […]


Wasp on tour – The Winter that just keeps on giving.

Having left the emerging springtime UK last Friday, arriving in Estonia was much like travelling back in time three months to mid-winter all over again.

Being English, the weather tends to come up as a topic of conversation and it is interesting to hear people talking of how long and hard this winter has […]

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