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Cash machines begin collecting for Hate Week from this Summer.

More badgering and nudging from our beloved masters who seem to be more interested in their pet hobbies than getting on with government :

More than 12,000 cash machines in the UK are set to allow charitable donations from this summer, the government has announced.

Royal Bank of Scotland cash machines and […]


Soon we will all be terrorists …

Via The BBC, how long before all police are anti-terror officers and all thoughts are terror related :

Five men have been arrested on suspicion of publishing material to incite racial hatred.

Computer equipment and mobile phones are thought to have been seized by police during early morning raids in Tyneside, Birkenhead, Barnsley, […]


The government bansturbators reach the works canteen.

Banned – it’s for your own good you know!

On returning to work this week after my Estonian adventures, the hot topic in the office is food rather than the more usual who is or isn’t shagging who.

While I was away, the works canteen implemented their part of the governments […]


Does Cameron have a secret deal with the EU to get his alcohol strategy off the ground?

Ban it! Ban it all! You are not trusted to make the ‘right’ choices.

Whilst Cameron’s ramblings have been covered at length, I have not seen is anything on why exactly he seems to be so sure that the minimum pricing initiative will not get kicked out when it gets to […]


Pictorial Interlude – Amazing architecture, Yoda the Squirrel and a racist tree.

A rather impressive house in China of all places :

Yoda lives on in the body of a Red Squirrel :

And an interesting little tale with parallels to life in the EU :



Video Interlude – Christians against Masturbation … really.

Christian baiting seems much more fun than masturbating … the final line is a side splitter! _ _



“Police investigating innapropriate comments” … it’s enough to make you weep …

I really do wonder what the hell this country is turning into sometimes …

“Inappropriate comments” left on a Facebook tribute site for dead a Norfolk teenager are being investigated by police.

Maisie Baxter, 13, was found dead at her home in Trowse, near Norwich, at about 17:50 GMT on Saturday.

Norfolk Police are […]


A new Norovirus vaccine – just don’t tell non-smokers how it is made …

Via The Torygraph, one that I am sure Leg-iron would have a lot of fun with (emphasis mine) :

The vaccine uses dummy virus cells grown in tobacco plants to immunise the body against the winter vomiting bug.

Rather than being injected, it is administered up the nose in the form of a powder […]


Pictorial Interlude – Toilet roll psychoanalysis and a close escape …

Kindly provided by Mr Raccoon whilst on manoeuvres, remember to judge your host when you find yourself in another’s bathroom :

And, if you ever find yourself making a complete mess of the shitter at a party, pray for Satanists …



More bans from our freedom loving government – this time … loudhailers near Parliament.

Not outside Parliament love … move along now.

So much for respecting freedoms and repealing un-necessary laws …

A trawl through the latest Statutory Instruments reveals this little snippet coming into force on December 19th (emphasis mine) :

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (Commencement No. 2) Order 2011

Provisions […]


More selective reporting at the BBC.

Given the BBC’s newly exposed lack of impartiality on green matters it doesn’t really surprise me that they would put a positive spin on a poll about nuclear and renewable power.

The impartiality bit comes out in one of the newly released Climategate emails :

date: Wed Dec  8 08:25:30 2004 from: Phil Jones […]


School kids having a pornstar experience

As usual I like to search through the funny pages to find some amusement, and truth be told that i was pretty much amused when I stumbled upon this.



I get it that she is a former  pornstar/actress, but really to make a huge fuss about someone who has this kind […]


The worlds most amusing workout equipment – the Tug Toner

Via David Thompson’s Friday Ephemera (which you really should catch each week if you don’t already), the world’s most inappropriate exercise aid : _ _ Yes it’s a complete piss take but don’t blame me if you manage to get your coffee all over your keyboard at the end of the video …



What on earth is “charged with improper use of a social networking site”?

Aside from the catch all offence of “incitement to or of X” which seems to be a favourite of our thin skinned society, I am left wondering exactly what the hell is “charged with improper use of a social networking site”?

Coming from the BBC, I suppose it is probably more to do with […]


Greece demonstrating the wrong kind of democracy.

Via ZeroHedge, a very salient point regarding our wonderful leaders and their views on democracy :

If a leader in the Middle East finally gave into months of protest and decided to give the people a real say on an important issue, the Western leaders would be rejoicing. Obama would have a podium and […]

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